How Can I Protect My Skin From Dry Winter Air?

bedsheets for sensitive skinWinter is still a little ways away, but the effects of the colder weather are already here. In fact, many people start to experience dry skin as early as the first day of fall.

This is because the air outside turns cold and dry as winter approaches and the water in your skin evaporates quickly. This can leave your skin tight, itchy, flaky, and even cracked.

What can you do to protect your skin this winter and keep painful dryness at bay?

Keep your skin covered when you're outside

As a kid, your parents told you to "bundle up" before heading outside to play in the snow. They didn't tell you that just because it was cold outside.

Skin that's left exposed is more vulnerable to the cold, dry air. You may have noticed that your lips become dry and cracked when you don't wear vaseline when you're outside. This is because the air is sucking the moisture from your skin.

Wear a jacket, gloves, scarf, and hat to protect your body and face from the chilly air. Chapstick or vaseline can also help to protect your lips.

Try baby lotion instead of "adult" lotion

If you have very sensitive skin, a lotion that's meant for adults may not work as well for you as it does on other folks. Even lotion that's labeled "intensive care" can sometimes take days to work.

Babies have more sensitive and thinner skin than adults. That's why their lotion is made to be easily absorbed and leaves no sticky residue. It's also hypoallergenic to keep their skin from getting irritated.

Adults with sensitive or very dry skin may benefit from using baby lotion. Don't be afraid to try your hand at different brands to see which one works best for your skin.

Use bedsheets for sensitive skin

Up to 82% of Americans say they find an extra hour of sleep at night extremely valuable. But, when it comes to dry skin, many folks don't often think about their bedsheets and the solutions they can provide.

Bedsheets for sensitive skin such as hypoallergenic bedsheets can help to reduce the number of skin-irritants that come into contact with your body.

B Sensible offers hypoallergenic waterproof bedsheets for kids and adults. To learn more about hypoallergenic sheets and how they can help to protect your skin this winter, contact B Sensible today.

A Crib Fitted Sheet: Sweet Dreams, Baby!

Without question, we would all agree that there is nothing that replaces a good night’s sleep. It’s one thing that we all have in common, and it really changes everything for us! 

And who would understand this more than a new parent? Probably no one! Parents of newborns and little ones definitely need and want a good night’s rest.

Well, relief is here! We're happy to report there is a wonderful product for parents and caregivers of infants and babies. It is called a crib fitted sheet. Here are 5 great things to know about a fitted crib sheet.

They are Sanitary

Of course, newborns and little children are not yet bathroom trained. Also, those who might be a bit older (since the number of children aged 5 who still wet the bed is about 15%) might have problems at night. Since newborns sleep a total of from 10.5 up to 18 hours per day, that’s a lot of changes! A crib fitted sheet can help keep your baby comfy, cozy, clean and contented. As well as helping you keep your sanity!

They are Colorful

With colorful patterns, pretty prints and so many designs to choose from, soft waterproof fitted bed sheets add a dimension of practical fashion to any bedroom--but especially to baby’s bedroom. 

They are Soft and Strong

Why is a crib fitted sheet so soft? It's all centered around the thread count. What exactly is thread count, you might wonder? It is basically an analysis of one square inch of fabric in which the number of horizontal and vertical woven threads are added up. The higher the thread count, basically, the denser and more durable the fabric.

They are Affordable and Hypoallergenic

As pretty and as fun as these soft waterproof fitted bed sheets are, they are also nicely designed and affordable. Another fantastic plus is that these waterproof sheets are also hypoallergenic.

They are Multi-Generational

As mentioned, these waterproof sheets are not just for cribs. Adult waterproof bed sheets are also available. Now, hypoallergenic waterproof sheets for babies, kids and adults can brighten a room and carry everyone into a pleasant rest and bring them into a brand new day, refreshed and ready for what is next.

Today, sweet dreams are a good bet when the sleeper rests in a comfy bed. Especially when the bed is made for baby with a crib fitted sheet or for a grown-up with waterproof bed sheets for an adult. Saying “good night” will have a wonderful new meaning for many, if they are sleeping on soft, hypoallergenic, waterproof fitted bed sheets!

Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy This Winter

Temperatures are dropping and winter is right around the corner. In the approaching cold, it makes sense to want to cozy-up your bedroom to make it a warm oasis away from the chill outside.

The good news is there are plenty of easy ways you can transform your bedroom into a warm and cozy haven this winter season. Here are some of our own favorite ideas.

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Tips for Spending Less Time Cleaning Your Child's Bedroom

One of the toughest jobs of being a parent is keeping your child's room from looking like a tornado tore right through it. Children have short attention spans and are constantly going back to their toy box without thinking about putting the previous ones back in place. They have a higher risk of overnight accidents because they don't always know to listen to their body, adding yet another cleaning chore to the list. Read on to learn some helpful tips for spending less time cleaning your child's bedroom and more time having fun.

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New Parents: 3 Things You Can Do To Get The Sleep You Need

It's no secret the U.S. has a sleeping problem. Between stress and work, many Americans aren't getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep they need per night. 

This is an issue because sleep deprivation can cause motor vehicle accidents, chronic health problems, and more. 

Unfortunately for new parents, getting a good night's sleep is more challenging than it is for the average American. What can you do as a new parent to make sure your baby is getting the attention they need while also taking care of yourself?

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