10 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer at Home

The holiday season is finally here! After this eventful year, you want to enjoy this time as much as possible. While social distancing restrictions creates a few roadblocks to celebrating the holidays, there are plenty of joyful ideas on how you can spread holiday cheer in your own home. 

​1. Seasonal Greens in the Kitchen 
The kitchen is often ignored when it comes to putting up holiday decorations, despite this room being the most popular place during this season. Hang some seasonal greens in your kitchen and be enchanted by the aroma of pine whenever you walk in. 

2. Taste New Desserts 
Many families hold a tradition of baking goodies from recipes that have been passed down from previous generations. Make a change this year by exploring new and fun recipes your entire family could not resist. This can also be an opportunity for the little ones to take part in a delicious activity. 

3. Birdseed Ornaments for Outdoor Decor 
Who says ornaments only have to be inside? Add a touch of homemade, birdseed ornaments outside your home as a treat for all feathery creatures. Make sure they are hung near a window to see what kinds of birds stop by. 

4. Holiday Movie Marathon 
Holidays movies are the cornerstone of this season. Find all of your favorite holiday movies and put on your comfy clothes because it is time for a movie marathon. Watch these movies in your soft, hypoallergenic bedding for maximum comfort. 

5. Build an Indoor Snow Fort 
Do not worry, this fort is not made from real snow. Use your old, white cotton sheets to build a one-of-a-kind fort in your home. Since you will not be sleeping in them anymore, you can use them as building material for a winter fort. Add in some fairy lights for extra magic. 

6. Keep a Festive Front Door 
Front door decor can be anything. Whether you choose a seasonal wreath or handmade snowflakes, keeping your front door as festive as possible will always be the sprinkle of holiday cheer anyone needs this season. 

7. No Fireplace, No Problem 
For those of you who do not have a fireplace to light up your home during the colder months, try looking up videos of virtual fireplaces to put on your television or computer. There are many videos featuring varying aesthetics and locations for you to choose from and adore. 

8. Begin a Holiday Collection 
Collecting seasonal items can brighten up anyone's holiday. There are no rules to what you can collect. It can be miniature reindeer, cookie ornaments, and so on. Starting a collection this year can become a new tradition in your home for years to come. 

9. Display Homemade Decorations 
Schedule a day for you and your family to make decoration or a craft, and then show one another what you created. If everyone lives in different places, then let them know about your activity idea. Schedule a day for when all of you can share what each of you made over a virtual meet up. 

10. A Cozy Night In 
​Finally, have yourself a peaceful night in. Drink a cup of hot chocolate and play board games with your family. Read a holiday story in your new soft, hypoallergenic bedding. Plan this night around what helps you lavish in the holiday season.