14 Lovely Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Love is in the air! The most romantic holiday, otherwise known as Valentine's Day, is coming your way. Everyone has they own way to express love towards the people they care about. With Valentine's Day getting closer, you want to plan the perfect day for you and your special someone. These date ideas are exactly what you need to make this holiday as romantic as can be.

​1. Brunch In Bed 
Start Valentine's Day off right with a delectable brunch in bed. No spills can ruin this morning since your hypoallergenic sheets are waterproof and easy to wash. 

2. Take A Day Off 
It's hard scheduling needed quality time with your significant other. Remove work from the equation, and make this entire day about the two of you. 

3. Write Love Letters 
Letter writing has never gone out of style. Write love letters to one another in the morning, then exchange them later in the day. Put in writing how much you both mean to one another. 

4. Take an Online Class 
Learning something new together can bring you and your significant other closer together. Pick a subject that interests you both from the options you can find online and enjoy. 

5. Another First Date 
Recreate your first date to the best of your ability. Cook the same food or make the same drinks. This date will surely impress your loved one with your good memory. 

6. Indoor Picnic 
February is still a cold month, so lay out a blanket and picnic basket in your home for an indoor picnic. Try playing outdoor ambience bring more of the outdoors inside. 

7. Private Movie Theatre 
All you need is an old cotton sheet, projector, and snacks for your private movie theater. You can never go wrong with dinner and a movie. 

8. Create a 5 Star Meal 
Find some new recipes and cook a luxury meal both of you will love. You two can also cook together for extra bonding time. 

9. Staycation 
When one day is not enough, plan a whole weekend only about the two of you. Act as tourists for a few days and explore local destinations around where you live. 

10. Learn a New Dance
You can be a good dancer or not so much, but this date is always a fun idea for the both of you to laugh and have a good time. 

11. Spa Day 
Avoid the stress of the holiday by simply creating a spa day for both of you to pamper yourselves and relax. 

12. Watch the Sunset 
Sit close together and admire the array of colors of the sunset over the horizon. This idea can be joined with any of the other ideas listed here. 

13. Roadtrip 
This is excellent for all explorers who want to travel but cannot at the moment. Take a road trip around your state or go to local destinations. 

14. Turn Off the Devices 
​Silence the electronics and lock them in a drawer. Valentine's Day should only be about enjoying each other's company. Take this opportunity to talk and learn more about one another.