3 Cleaning Tips for A Healthier, More Peaceful Nursery

Cleaning any part of your house may be an unpleasant job, but it isn't complicated. Put away some items, sweep the floor, dust, and bam! A clean room.

Cleaning your baby's nursery, however, may not be so intuitive. After all, little ones tend to have less rugged immune systems. In a baby's sleep environment, cleanliness is essential to her overall health and well-being.

To make matters more complicated, using harsh cleaning chemicals in a nursery can actually do more harm than good. What use is sanitizing crib bars if your little one's mouth ends up full of cleaning chemicals?

If you're a new parent worried about keeping a nursery clean, read on. Here are three baby-approved tips for keeping a nursery sanitary and safe:

1. Have a Plan In Place

If possible, take time to create a cleanliness plan before your baby arrives. Design and organize your nursery to make clean-up as quick and easy as possible. Start by installing a "sanitation station," or a specific area for throwing away diapers, storing cleaning supplies, and laundering soiled linens. Create a plan for toys, books, and clothing, too-- by having a logical place to store everything, you'll be better able to keep up with the mess as your baby grows

2. Clean Bedding Once a Week

Your baby sleeps in her crib every night, so it's important to wash sheets for babies regularly. Investing in waterproof bedsheets for babies can help keep the crib mattress beneath clean. Whether you choose waterproof bedsheets for babies or the regular kind, make sure to have a few extra sets so you can wash them regularly. If crib sheets become soiled before the week is up, throw them in the wash early to keep your baby clean, dry, and healthy.

3. Disinfect Properly and Regularly

Infants explore the world with their mouth, so aim to keep playthings germ-free. Have a set of disinfecting wipes close at hand to wipe down changing tables, toys, and doorknobs. Give the disinfectant time to dry completely before letting your baby go near the environment. To be extra safe, rinse toys in water after disinfecting to remove any lingering cleaning chemicals.

In total, newborns sleep about 10.5 to 18 hours a day. Since they spend so much time sleeping, providing a clean rest environment can prevent all kinds of unwanted illnesses. By preparing early, cleaning linens, and disinfecting regularly, you can keep your baby safe from nasty germs and bacteria.