3 Common Myths About Waterproof Fitted Sheets

kids fitted sheets

When it comes to purchasing bedding for you and your loved ones, the range of possibilities may appear endless. Do you want lighter, softer sheets with a 400-count thread, or soft and dense percale with an 800 thread count? Should you choose cotton, linen, or something else altogether -- something that's both soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof?

It may sound impossible, but such a material does exist. Our Dermofresh technology is part of a new generation of textiles that offer comfortable waterproof sheets for babies, children, teens, and their parents. Everything you thought you knew about waterproof fitted sheets has changed. Here are three common myths about waterproof fitted bed sheets, debunked by our own line of materials.

Myth #1: They're stiff and uncomfortable. If you grew up using waterproof sheets, you probably have less-than-fond memories of a stiff, plastic-like material that crinkled every time you moved. Not so with B Sensible products, which are soft to the touch and which breathe better than many other types of materials.

Myth #2: They're ugly. Beauty of design wasn't always a high priority when designing the waterproof fitted sheets of old. The important part was always utility. Today, we combine form and function with sheets that come in a range of colors that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Myth #3: They're just for kids. Yes, waterproof sheets are ideal for those occasional nighttime accidents, but they're great for adults, too. Sweat and skin debris can accumulate in our bed sheets, even with regular proper care and maintenance. A waterproof material that's readily machine-washable helps keep your bed feeling fresh and clean at all times.

For sheets and pillowcases that will give you peace of mind for a better sleep, choose a comfortable, flexible, breathable waterproof material for every bed in your home. The more you can do to create a welcoming sleep environment, the happy you and your kids will be -- thanks to a good night's rest.

Get rid of those misconceptions about waterproof sheets. Give our line of B Sensible products a try to learn what all of the fuss is about and experience the future of textiles.