3 Ways to Pamper Her This Mother's Day With Products From B-Sensible


Looking for a great way to show your wife or mom how much you care? A great place to start is with new linens for the household. Pamper her with these three great Mother's Day gift ideas from B-Sensible.

#1: Give a New Mom the Gift of Comfort

There’s nothing more special than a woman’s first Mother’s Day after the birth of a new baby. Give her the gift of comfort with a B-Sensible Travel Pillow. This ultra-soft and compact hypoallergenic pillow features a washable waterproof cover, making it ideal for those late-night feeding sessions or a quick nap on the couch while her little one is asleep.

#2: Help Her Enjoy a Great Night of Sleep

It isn’t a secret that moms work hard. Give her the gift of a great night of sleep with B-Sensible waterproof fitted sheets. These incredibly soft sheets are sweat proof and reduce the discomfort of waking up against damp fabric. They are especially ideal for women going through hormonal changes that make staying cool all night a difficult task. Best of all, they come in a variety of stylish colors to help match the overall décor of the space.

#3: Reduce Her Workload

They say a mother’s job is never done. But you can show you care by reducing her workload by minimizing the amount of laundry that needs washing. B-Sensible waterproof kids sheets are ideal for potty training, help protect your mattress, and clean up easy. This means those late-night cleanups happen more quickly and with less fuss, allowing the whole family to get back sleep as soon as possible.

At B-Sensible, we know that finding a great hypoallergenic pillowcase or waterproof mattress protector can be difficult. That’s why we offer a wide range of products designed to make life easier. These three great products are sure to make mom smile and feel just a little bit pampered this Mother’s Day.

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