4 Benefits of Using Waterproof Pillow Cases

waterproof pillow cases

According to the National Sleep Foundation, healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every day. The majority of Americans -- 82% -- say that one extra hour of sleep at night is valuable to their overall health and wellbeing. That's why it is important to invest in the right bedding, such as waterproof pillow cases and mattress covers, and hypoallergenic bed sheets. Here are the benefits of using waterproof pillow cases.

1. Prevents Drool and Sweat From Soaking Your Pillow

If you drool or sweat excessively while asleep, you need to think about waterproof pillow covers. Drooling is common, even among healthy adults. However, excessive drooling can be an unwanted inconvenience, especially if it soaks your pillow's fabrics. Most of the fabric that is used to stuff the pillows include down, polyester, and feathers.

These materials are hard to wash and may start producing bad odor when soaked in saliva, sweat, or other body fluids. At the same time, it isn't convenient to wash your pillow every day. Not only will it wear and tear a great deal, but it may not completely dry during cold weather. Nonetheless, you shouldn't skip a beat because you can use waterproof pillow cases that will keep your pillow dry and cool. After heavy sweating or drooling at night, you can easily unzip the waterproof pillow case and wash it. As a result, you will sleep more comfortably without the constant worry that excess drool and sweat will soak into your pillow.

2. Keeps off Allergens Such as Dust Mites

Allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites love to accumulate on the pillow. Over time, they can be enough to cause you sleepless nights and inhibit normal breathing. Waterproof pillow cases and hypoallergenic pillow cases prevent these common allergens from infesting your pillow in two ways. First, the fiber material used to make pillow cases have zinc in its properties. The incorporation of zinc gives the pillow cases antibacterial properties that play a big part in odor reduction, skin regeneration, and protection. This keeps the allergens away while also protecting your skin cells.

Secondly, waterproof pillow covers are machine washable. As such, you can change your pillow covers and wash them as frequently as you wish. This will not only prevent allergens from accumulating on your pillow but also will dislodge any allergens already present in the pillow covers.

3. Soft and Comfortable Sleep

Waterproof pillow cases are made from soft fabric that is comfortable to your skin. These pillow covers do not irritate your skin, neither do they ruffle when you turn in your sleep. You will not have a restless night because your skin is itchy, or your breathing is affected. Additionally, the zippered closure of most waterproof pillow covers ensures that they don't slip out when you are sleeping.

4. Easier to Deal With Bed Bugs

Although waterproof pillow cases will not prevent bed bugs from infesting your pillow, it's much easier to deal with the bed bugs on the pillow covers. Since you can easily detach the pillow cases and wash them, bed bugs may not have a chance. Typically bed bugs love to camp on the surface of the pillow cover or on the bed sheets where it is easy to bite on your skin. Containing a bed bug infestation will be easier when you can wash the pillow covers and the bed sheets more frequently.

Tips for buying waterproof pillow covers

When buying waterproof pillow cases, you should make sure that they are the right fit for your pillows, and they are also made of high-quality fabric that's soft and comfortable. It's also wise to buy several pairs of pillow covers so that you can interchange them when you are washing. For hot sleepers, waterproof pillow covers are a life-saver because they enable them to sleep cool without soaking their pillows with sweat.

If you drool or sweat a lot when you sleep, waterproof pillow cases will save you the embarrassment of having discolored pillows with a strange and foul odor. Therefore, you will sleep better and boost your overall body health.