4 Ways To Reduce Allergens In Your Newborn's Nursery

baby crib sheets
When you bring your baby home for the first time, you'll likely want to be sure they feel as safe and treasured as possible. Because a baby's immune system is still developing, one of the best ways to make them feel comfortable in their new environment is by reducing the number of allergens in their nursery and your home. 

It can be difficult to know just where most allergens are hiding. Therefore, here are four tips in order to help reduce the number of allergens that could make your baby uncomfortable:
  1. Use hypoallergenic waterproof baby crib sheets
    A cotton fitted crib sheet may be breathable for your baby's sensitive skin, and polyester sheets may be wrinkle-resistance and great for the winter. But when it comes down to it, hypoallergenic baby crib sheets are one of the best choices for your baby's sensitive skin and immune system. 

    The waterproof feature is an added bonus. This feature will keep your baby's sheets from soaking up any of your newborn's accidents. They also last longer than normal sheets because they won't retain any urine stains. And, because up to 15% of small children still wet the bed up until the age of five, you can keep using them throughout potty-training.
  3. Use air purifiers and air humidifiers
    You may not realize it, but there are dozens of allergens in the air you breathe. HVAC systems and forced air conditioners can only filter so much dust and dander. And when you fail to clean these filters, it can even cause respiratory infections. 

    An air purifier limits the allergens your baby breathes, which keeps them safe from sniffles and sneezes. Humidifiers also make it easier to breathe by keeping the air in your baby nursery from getting too dry.
  5. Regularly dust and vacuum
    Your house is only as clean as you make it. Dusting and vacuuming routinely on most days of the week, especially if you have pets, will help reduce the allergens in your home from being swept up into the air.
  7. Wash sheets and stuffed animals often
    Cleaning your home routinely goes beyond vacuuming and dusting. The majority of what makes up dust is human dander, which your newborn will flake off onto their baby crib sheets and stuffed animals throughout the day. Be sure to clean these things often as they're the most used and will most likely be what expose your child to the most germs.
Your baby is still developing their immune system when you bring them home for the first time. In order to keep them happy and healthy in their new environment, be sure to keep them safe from germs and bacteria, including allergens.