5 Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom for Spring

Spring is a wonderful time to refresh and renew. Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, take time to refresh yours for the new season. Here are some quick and easy tips that will result in an updated, energized, and relaxing bedroom.

1. Dust and De-clutter: Experts say having too many things lying around your living space is distracting and exhausting. Invite spring into your space by taking time to remove any clutter on flat surfaces, old clothing, and other unused belongings. Turn these negative-energy items into positive energy by donating them to a charity.

Tip: Consider taking your unused items to a consignment store, and earn some extra spending money.

2. Add a Pop of Color: Your bedroom is a blank canvas you can paint any way that makes you happy. Spring is the perfect time to add a new color to your room. Coordinating new waterproof bedsheets, blankets, and throws instantly update the room without breaking the bank. Select lighter color combinations, textures, and designs that work within your color scheme.

Tip: Waterproof bedsheets are a good choice as they are cool to the touch and protect and prolong the life of your mattress.

3. Update Window Treatments: One of the elements that will instantly update a bedroom is changing the window treatments. Replace heavy curtains with lighter sheers so the light can enter the room and brighten the entire space.

Tip: Twist a floral garland around a decorative curtain rod for a spring window treatment.

4. Refresh with Fresh Flowers: Decorating with fresh flowers is a great way to refresh a bedroom any time of the year but especially in the spring. A glass vase, mason jar, vintage pitcher, or any container you love filled with colorful, fragrant flowers are a must-have element for any room in your home.

Tip: Select flowers with relaxing fragrances like lavender.

5.Rearrange the Furniture: Spring is the best time to rearrange the furniture in your bedroom. The process can be as simple as moving a chair from one corner to another or rearranging the entire room. This will create a brand-new look but also give you the opportunity to clear, vacuum, and clean underneath the furniture.

Tip: Change the entire look of your bedroom by changing the headboard. Cover it in fabric, hang framed artwork, or paint it a different color.