6 Must-Have Items for Your Back to College Checklist

The school year is almost beginning, and college students cannot wait for it to get started. With schools reopening and in-person classes resuming, the anticipation to get this new school year started has never been higher. In all this excitement, back to school shopping is taking over. There may be several lists and recommendations for what returning and freshman college students should pack for the new year. To improve on your checklist, here are the must-have items for college. 

Cleaning Supplies
Starting off the list are some of the most important things any college student should have for their dorm room or apartment: cleaning supplies. You can never go overboard with cleaning supplies. Put together a bin or caddy with supplies for the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Also, add in laundry supplies as well for cleaning the new hypoallergenic bedding. 

Medical Kit
Having a medical kit is a common recommendation, but sometimes goes ignored. Every college student should have a medical kit in their dorm room or apartment. You never know when there will be an emergency or an accident, so it is better to have a medical kit before needing one. 

​Kitchen Essentials
Most college students live in dorms. However, kitchen items should still be included in their packing list. Keep in mind essentials such as plates, cutlery, cups, etc. The need for a whole kitchen set is only required if the student lives in an apartment, but keep it simple if they only live in a dorm. 

​New Bedding 
Another regular item on the back to college list is bedding. To go into more detail, college students need a hypoallergenic mattress protector because dorm mattresses are not the cleanest. They also need hypoallergenic pillowcases to complete the set because hypoallergenic bedding will lower a student's chance of getting sick during the school year. 

Storage bins are the best way to add more space to a small dorm and maintain organization. A normal storage bin to for cleaning supplies, emergency items, and extra hypoallergenic mattress protectors can do wonders to saving space. Remember to label what is inside the bin for people to know what they are looking for in the future.