6 Tips for Making Your Bedroom Better for Sleep

bedsheets for better sleep

Insomnia, or the lack of sleep, is an all too common problem for people around the United States. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most people around the country do not get enough sleep. It has been estimated that most Americans say they would like to get even one hour more sleep than they are able to get. As a consequence, people turn to a number of things to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep. From getting good bedsheets for better sleep to changing your habits, it is possible to get a good and restful night's sleep.

  1. Remove screens from your bedroom. If you were to look in most American bedrooms, the chances are good that you'd find a television in most of them. Studies have shown that watching TV in bed is one of the worst things a person can do when they are looking to fall asleep faster. A TV does two things that make it harder to fall asleep. The blue light from the screen encourages the brain to put out chemicals that keep you awake, which is also why reading on a tablet is not recommended. Additionally, watching television or playing a game on a device can also keep the brain stimulated, which is the opposite of what you need when you want to sleep. In fact, new research shows that the sleep hormone, melatonin, is not released as much when people are looking at high powered LED lights.
  2. Do not check email right before you go to bed. Some people like to check what is happening at work right before bed but this is also one of the worst things a person can do. Instead of helping them relax, it generally gets people more worked up and puts their brain into a more active mode that is not at all conducive to getting to sleep.
  3. Get the best bedding. You can get good pillows and bedsheets for better sleep. Some people find they sleep better when they have bedsheets for sensitive skin or hypoallergenic sheets. There are a number of bedding fabrics out there. When it comes to getting the right bedsheets for better sleep, there is no hard and fast rule. You can get sheets made from bamboo, linen, wool, silk, and cotton.
  4. Be careful with the thread count. This is more advice for your wallet than the quality of your sleep. When it comes to getting the right bedsheets for better sleep, people often think that the higher the thread count, the better. It is impossible to get a thread count of over 500 to 600, say experts in the bedding industry. This does not stop some people from trying to sell sheets with a much higher thread count. Just keep that in mind when shopping for the best bedsheets for better sleep.
  5. Clean up your bedroom. There are a lot of people for whom clutter causes them to have trouble with their sleep. If that sounds like you, creating an orderly space for you to sleep in may be one of the keys to helping you get a better and healthier night's sleep.
  6. Get the right mattress. Just as it is important to get the right bedsheets for better sleep, you should have a good mattress. You have to change out your mattress from time to time. Even great mattresses only have a lifespan of about five to seven years, according to the Better Sleep Council. Other experts recommend that a mattress be changed out when it becomes uncomfortable to sleep on. Research has shown that getting a new mattress that is comfortable is one way to get a much better and restful night's sleep.

When sleep experts talk to people about the quality and quantity of their sleep, they often speak of "sleep hygiene." While the right bedsheets for better sleep may not be a part of this, they can help people get into a more relaxed state. These tips should help you fall asleep and stay asleep to get the rest you need, which will leave you much happier and healthier overall.