8 Spooky Crafts For Every Haunted House

It's spooky season, and Halloween is on its way. At this time of the year, kids can only focus on candy, costumes, and scary stories. You are happy to join your children in their excitement for this ghostly holiday. To do so, you want some fresh craft ideas for you and your children. These chilling crafts are guaranteed to put the haunt in haunted house. 

​1. Paper Webs
You heard of paper snowflakes, now is the time for paper webs. Same rules apply except instead of a snowflake, you are cutting out a cute web to hang in your home. Spiders are not picky so do not worry about the color of the paper.

​2. Tic-Tac-Boo
​Using orange or black tape, form a large tic-tac-toe board on your floor. For the pieces, draw and create two distinct teams of ghosts. Find out which ghosts emerge victorious in this haunting game. 

​3. Rock Monsters
​All you need is a couple rocks and craft supplies. Remember to use smooth rocks because they are easier and softer to paint. Stick on googly eyes so the monsters can see what is going on. This craft takes pet rock to another level. 

​4. Flying Ghosts
​Have you recently replaced your cotton sheets with new hypoallergenic bedding? Do not throw away those old sheets, instead transform them into soaring decorations. Hang them in your trees, outside your door, or anywhere for people to marvel at your floating apparitions. There is nothing more frightening than cotton sheets. 

​5. Clothespin Spiders
​If you have any clothespins lying around, snatch them up and your crafting supplies to make the spiders for your webbing cutouts. Color the clothespins then glue on the pipe cleaners. Add an eye or two for extra effects. They work for added decor or a fashionable accessory. 

​6. Painted Pumpkins
​Carving pumpkins is a nice tradition, but let's add a little more color. Whether you paint a monstrous masterpiece or splatter the paint on, it will be a fantastic craft and activity for the whole family. 

​7. Paper Plate Creatures
​This is a classic Halloween craft for a nice afternoon. Draw up your favorite Halloween figures and creatures on paper plates to place around your home. You can also cut out holes in them and add string for everyone to become their favorite creature of the night. 

​8. Magic Wands 
Gather sticks fallen from a tree outside or leftover chopsticks to this magical craft. Design your spell casting tool to your hearts content with various colors and stickers. Once they are done, you and your family can lie back in those hypoallergenic pillows and practice magic to your hearts' content.