B-Sensible Holiday Gift Guide: What To Give To Every Person In Your Life.

From a new mom to a newly-wed couple, a dog lover or our grandparents. We all have someone we struggle to find a gift for. We want to give them something unique and special but also useful and long-lasting.

One of the greatest things about the holiday season is that is it provides us with an opportunity to show our appreciation for the most important people in our lives by giving them gifts. But sometimes it can be difficult to tell what people want and need and what they are likely to get from other friends or family members. One unique option that deserves consideration is a waterproof sheet.

Why BeSensible waterproof sheets are different

There are several reasons why a waterproof sheet is an appropriate gift for many different people in your life. The most obvious candidate for a gift of a waterproof fitted sheet may be parents of young children, and this is among our strongest customer bases at BeSensible. We carry waterproof sheet options for cribs, play yards and standard size beds from twin to king size, as well as pillow cases.

These sheets are not like other waterproof options that feel like plastic against your skin, since they are made from a quality material called Tencel, which allows the top layer of the sheet to be waterproof while still remaining breathable. In addition, our sheets contain zinc oxide, which helps to protect skin and reduce odor. This is built directly into the Smartcell Sensitive fiber. Not only is the material waterproof and hypoallergenic, but its natural feel has been described as a "second skin" that is easy to care for with a standard wash and dry cycle.

Why a waterproof fitted sheet is a good fit for almost anyone

If your friends and family members have kids, it may be easy to see how they may benefit from a waterproof sheet or other BeSensible products. After all, well past the toddler years, accidents can happen. But if you think about it, spills don't stop with small kids. Even adults may be enjoying a glass of wine in the evening before bed and find themselves spilling. Also, if they do any kind of entertaining or have pets, draping a waterproof sheet over a couch or even the floor can help save them from some big messes or stains. And there are certainly no age limits to drooling a little on a pillow every now and then.

Our fitted sheets will fit almost any bed and come in a wide range of fashionable colors that make them look just like regular sheets. Out largest sheets, for full, queen, and king-sized mattresses extend up to 18" deep, making them go-to sheets for almost every person in your life!