Breathe Easy! 4 Ways You Can Survive Allergy Season

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Allergy season is almost upon us, leaving many Americans dreading the hints of early spring. Last year was one of the worst allergy seasons we've seen with a rainy winter making way for tons of pollen from spring through fall.

The good news is you can help fight back against allergy season by prepping for your own allergy-battle. Consider the following four tips to help you breath easier this year.

  1. Make sure the problem is actually allergies. Allergy seasons have been getting worse in recent years. Many people who don't usually experience allergies have been suffering from them, too. But your congestion might not necessarily be allergies, especially if you don't have a history of them. A fever or body aches are a sign that you're sick with a virus. Congestion that lasts more than two weeks accompanied by thin, clear mucus and itchy eyes means it's allergies.
  2. Don't drag allergens through your home. Your home is your safe space, which means you need to do your best to keep allergens out. Kick your shoes off as soon as you come in the door to keep from tracking pollen around the house. Clear your HVAC filters and vacuum regularly to keep allergens out of the air. And finally, use hypoallergenic sheets on your bed to keep allergens from impacting your sleep.
  3. Work out indoors instead. You might already be used to checking pollen counts, but be sure you're checking them before you go to work out. If the pollen count is high, consider using an exercise DVD or taking a run on the treadmill instead of jogging outside.
  4. Do you errands in the morning or after work. Pollen is often highest in the mid-afternoon and late-afternoon. That said, if you're going to be running errands or working out outside, try to do these activities first thing in the morning or after work. Doing errands on your lunch break could leave you working with watery eyes and a congested nose.

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