Celebrating National Siblings Day the Right Way

Siblings can be either the most annoying people on the planet or your closest friend; there is no in-between. You love to hate them, but they are always there to have your back. National Siblings Day is the chance to express how much your siblings mean to you. No matter how crazy they can be, you want to use this day for some good family bonding. Check out these ideas to celebrating National Siblings Day the right way. 

Travel Back in Time 
You and your siblings bonded over something growing up. Maybe you all played video games together or used to go on hikes. Think back to all the activities and interests you and your siblings bonded over during your childhood. Plan a day to journey through all these interests to bring back fond memories and explore what it means to be a kid again. 

Virtual or In-Person Brunch 
When you are younger, hanging out with your siblings is a lot easier. As an adult and everyone located in different parts of the country or the world, casually hanging out is a tough task to accomplish. Schedule a time to have brunch. Everyone loves breakfast food, and it can happen virtually or in-person. 

Gift Exchange 
Host a gift exchange to for all of your siblings to show how much you mean to each other or how much you know about each other. This is another activity that can occur in-person or virtually. Make gifts from scratch or look up gifts matching your siblings' personalities. If one of your siblings loves to travel, gift them with a travel pillow made with hypoallergenic fabric to keep them comfortable and healthy wherever they go. 

Trivia Night 
Time to put your sibling knowledge to the test. Compile a series of questions about childhood memories, personality traits, etc. into a game show. This trivia night is all about having fun and enjoying each other's company. Turn up the stakes by including fun prizes to give out to any of the winners. An added bonus of this activity is you can do it if you only have one sibling or if you have many. 

Recreate Childhood Pictures 
A popular trend that never gets old is recreating old childhood pictures. Select a funny or cute photo from years ago, and try to copy it to the best of your abilities. Share the amusing new image with family and friends. You can even turn this into a sibling tradition done every year.