Creating the Ultimate Day of Relaxation

Times are stressful. All you can imagine is closing yourself off from the world, and taking time to center yourself. So you pick a day to be all about you finding your inner peace and partaking in a much-needed break from the rest of the world. When this day finally arrives, here are some activities to help you relax during the day. 

​1. Sleep In 
There is no need to wake up early on your self-care day. Curl up around the pillow zipped in a soft, hypoallergenic pillowcase. On a day dedicated to you, you want to wake up to your pillow remaining where it should be. For a pillowcase softer than cotton and provides better sleep, you will never want to let your pillow go. 

​2. Listen to a Podcast 
Podcasts seem to be everywhere these days, and for a good reason. There are various podcasts by different people talking about multiple subjects and themes. Listen to a podcast that interests you or listen to one you have been meaning to for a while. You never know what you could learn. 

​3. Spa Day 
Traditional self-care days are known to host a spa activity of some sort. Spa activities allow you to splurge on yourself and replenish your senses. Put on a face-mask, do your nails, and pamper yourself. 

​4. Arts and Crafts
It is difficult setting a time in your day to practice your creativity. Days of relaxation include completing those projects. You can paint, build, write, etc. Free your mind and let the creative juices flow. 

​5. Catch Up on Shows
Now is the time to check out all those movies and shows your friends and family keep recommending to you. Pop some popcorn and lounge out while watching new stories come to life. Leaning back on the couch, you may realize you're head does not have much support. A travel pillow is what you need. Extended TV show binge requires a pillow made of antibacterial properties and is easy to wash in case of any messes. Complimentary to you hypoallergenic pillowcase, the travel pillow enhances your comfort on this day of self-care.  

​6. Exercise 
You may not have had time to exercise and go outside as much. Mark a time to go for a run around the neighborhood or do some exercises in your backyard. If you would rather stay inside and still want to exercise, turn on an at-home work out video. You are guaranteed to feel a lot better after. 

​7. Read 
Similar to watching recommended shows, open those unread novels sitting patiently on your shelves. Jump at the chance of flipping through pages containing tales you never imagined. If you are a reader who cannot get comfy enough during those cliff-hangers, try out some new bedding. Along with the hypoallergenic pillowcase, a mattress protector can go far in giving you the best comfort. The mattress protector is waterproof and easy to wash for those moments when something so drastic happens to a character you accidentally spill your tea all over the bed.