Four Baby Shower Gift Ideas Any New Parent Would Want

Baby shower ideas
With summer approaching, so is the time for baby showers as the majority of American babies are due to be born between July and August. But with so many baby showers, it can be difficult to give consistently unique gifts that will be useful to the new parents.

Fortunately, many new parents need similar baby shower gifts or even duplicates of the same one due to the use that will go into them. But for those who are at a loss for what to give their friends or family members for their future newborn, consider using the following ideas for a great baby shower gift.

Sensory Toys
It may seem like a no-brainer to give a newborn baby a toy, but oftentimes we forget that a newborn isn't likely to play with certain toys until they're older. And larger stuffed animals, which we may otherwise think would be a great idea -- who doesn't love a giant teddy bear? -- can actually be a safety hazard. Therefore, when you're considering toys for your friend or family member's future newborn, consider getting them gifts specifically meant for newborns that stimulate their senses and won't cause any damage if the baby happens to gnaw on it while teething.

Teething Rings
Speaking of teething, another great gift idea to consider are teething rings. Babies like to put things in their mouths because it's how they learn -- unable to use language completely, they tend to rely on touch and taste.

But a baby placing something into their mouth to understand what it is and a baby placing something into their mouth to stop their cutting teeth from hurting their gums is another thing. Teething rings keep baby toys from being gnawed to pieces and also help to soothe a teething baby's mouth as their teeth begin to come through -- something that may come faster than any parent would think.

Diapers -- In Every Size
Getting the wrong size diaper may seem embarrassing to the Gift-er, but for the Gift-ee they're a saving grace. Babies grow fast, so giving new parents boxes of diapers in varying sizes can actually save them a lot of money in the long run.

Waterproof fitted bed sheets
New parents are usually concerned with the basics of what their babies will need -- pacifiers, cribs, clothes, and diapers -- but something they may have overlooked could be the type of baby crib sheet they need. If bed sheets have a fresh scent, 78% of Americans admit to being more excited to go to sleep and babies are no different. Waterproof fitted bed sheets are a great choice for a baby shower gift because of how long they'll last due to their waterproof feature.

Additional pillowcases can make a waterproof sheet an entire bed set that may last a newborn baby up through their toddler years as they begin potty-training. A fitted crib sheet in particular is recommended here as loose sheets can often be a safety hazard for newborns.

Sometimes, when shopping for baby shower gifts the simpler choices are the best choices. New parents will often make their own choices on room decor and crib sets. And whether or not they'll use more expensive gifts may be be up in the air.

However, new parents will always use the necessities such as diapers, teething rings, newborn toys, and waterproof fitted bed sheets, which may save them many as their baby grows. After all, the less money new parents have to spend on the necessities the more they can spend having fun with their baby.