Fun In The Sun: How To Keep Your Baby Cool During Their First Summer

Summer is a time of family fun, outdoor barbeques, and running around barefoot in the backyard. Yet, with summer fun comes the summer heat. 

And if those sweaty nights aren't enough to keep you up, your restless baby will.

Here's how you can keep your baby cool and happy during their first summer so the both of you can still get your rest.

Use sheets with care
You don't want to cover your baby with a sheet during those hot, sticky nights. This can cause overheating and will leave your baby miserable.

Use hypoallergenic fitted sheets for baby beds as a base for their crib to keep allergens and irritants away. Then, for any coverage, use a muslin wrap. Muslin wraps are perfect for your baby to sleep in during the summer because the fabric won't get too hot.

Avoid direct sunlight
You can expose your baby to sunlight when they're six months old. But when you do, you need to apply sunscreen that's at least SPF 30 a half-hour before going outside.

Still, during the summer, keep your baby out of the sun between 10 AM and 2 PM. You also want to be sure to cover their head, arms, and feet to prevent burns. You can also dress them in a rash vest if needed.

Skip dress-up for now
It can be tempting to dress your baby in shorts and sneakers. But dressing your baby in clothes when they're happy to be in only their diaper during the summer can make them overheated.

Leave the clothing layers for special occasions, instead. Your baby won't mind. It'll help them stay cool.

Increase your baby's fluids
Everyone needs to drink more fluids during the summer months. This is especially true for your baby. 

Breastfeeding babies need to drink a lot of fluid. In fact, your breast milk adapts during the summer for this reason.

It's important for you to give your baby the fluids they need throughout the day, even if they don't show signs of restlessness. This is because your baby can become quiet when they need fluids or are too hot.

Hypoallergenic fitted sheets for baby beds can help to keep your baby cool and comfortable this summer. To learn more about waterproof fitted sheets for baby beds or hypoallergenic sheets for adults, contact B Sensible today for more information.