Give Your Big Kid the Sheets They Need, Without Embarrassment

As kids get older, they become more and more themselves, and they get more and more determined to grow up. Everything matters, even their sheets. Adolescence is a time of swift change, and all of that can get a bit messy. The last thing your big kid wants is for their friends to notice “special” sheets are on their bed, but if those sheets are from BSensible, their mattress stays protected without the embarrassing plastic fanfare.

BSensible Sheets Feel Normal

Unless you go out of your way to explain the difference, chances are your big kid is going to think their BSensible fitted sheet and pillowcase are like any other sheets, but you’ll know better. That’s because they have a “second skin”-type fiber woven into the material called Dermofresh.

The Dermofresh membrane is made from a polyurethane material that is made with smaller interconnecting pores that allow it to protect while retaining breathability.

But it’s not just the Dermofresh membrane that keeps your big kid protected; it’s the natural material, TENCEL, a fiber made from wood, which provides better absorbency than cotton and a softness greater than silk. It also controls moisture 50 percent better than cotton.

Special Materials, No Special Care

Whether your big kid spills something or gets a little extra sweaty in their sleep or experiences some other incident of adolescence, cleaning up the mess can easily be handled without fanfare or missing a beat in their lives. Their sheets are easily machine washable and will tumble dry and get back on their bed before you know it, all while their mattress stays fresh and protected. On top of that, with all the colors available from BSensible, they’ll be sure to find choices that complement their own personal style.

BSensible sheets come sized from playard size to king size. To learn more about all our options for kids (and adults) of all ages, check out our website.