Giving Up Disposable Underwear at Night? Here's How to Ease the Transition.

Raising a child is a wild ride, and most parents today are glad to have a little bit of extra protection on their bottom, regardless of what type of disposable diaper they choose. They like that protection so often, even after their child masters use of the potty or toilet, they continue to keep the child in a diaper at night or have them wear disposable training pants or underwear long after the child is trained during the day. In fact, it is not at all unusual for disposable training underwear to be needed until a child is near seven years old, and sometimes older.

For most kids, night "potty training" is a matter of luck. Even if you are lucky enough to have a two- or three-year-old that stays dry most of the time, chances are you are going to wake up to a surprise on some mornings.

Stay Patient

Some parents choose to keep kids in disposable training pants or underwear until well after they have started school. Others ditch them much earlier. In either instance, their sheets are not entirely safe. For the most part, children will be consistently dry through the night when their bodies are ready, and any punishment or discipline is more likely to prolong the issue rather than fix it. Tracking is all you can do, and if there is an issue too far into school age, you can discuss your options with your child's doctor.

Going Beyond Waterproof for Mattress, Kid, and "Ew" Protection

Parents have two goals: keep their child comfortable and reduce the "ew" factor when it comes to cleaning up any potential messes. Even in diapers or disposable training pants, there is always potential from some mess. One way to combat this is by using BSensible sheets. BSensible Sheets are not like old-school plastic mattress protectors. They come in sizes up to King Sized so not only can you cover their big boy or big girl bed, you can protect their parents' bed as well. The protectors look and feel like a typical bottom sheet, made with hypoallergenic material that resists bacteria with the inclusion of zinc oxide that allows them to protect against odors while being easy on your child's skin. Spills or accidents are drawn away from the child, so they stay protected, even if the accident isn't noticed right away.

When accidents do happen, they can be dealt with without fanfare. Just a standard machine wash and dry, and the sheets go back to keeping your little one, and you protected.