Happy Women's Day: From Stay-at-Home Moms to Independent Professionals, or Both

 Happy Women's Day

Women all over the world find power and comfort in their own skin just by going about their day, and most of the time they carry on as if what they accomplish is no big deal. But for one day, International Women's Day on March 8, 2018, it is time to step back and take stock that women's accomplishments are important whether they involve their own families and households, the artistic community, the small business world, or a major corporation. Each woman’s step forward sets an example, and every journey through a personal crisis is an inspiration for everyone around her.

Little Conveniences Make a Big Difference

Although women are strong, any modern conveniences, such as easy-to-care-for bedding, are a welcome perk that can make life easier. BSensible Sheets provide one of those little conveniences that can make a big difference in a woman’s life. They are perfect as either adult sheets or baby sheets because their natural material repels odors with incorporated zinc oxide and protects skin by contributing to skin renewal and the regeneration of cells, even after washing. Washing is easy: cold cycle and tumble dry on low heat — no dry cleaning or ironing necessary. These exceptional waterproof sheets are eco-friendly and made from a unique botanical fiber called TENCEL, which is designed to absorb better than cotton while pampering skin like silk.

Embracing Practical Luxuries

Whether you are shopping for baby sheets or are looking for easy-to-care-for bedding to pamper yourself or the woman in your life, BSensible sheets are available in a variety of stylish colors to suit any decor while providing peace of mind against dampness and bacteria that can develop. Traditional bedding materials have not provided these benefits, and have required harsh detergents and scalding water just to be maintained. In the earlier years of International Women's Day, with its hundred-plus year history, there have been strong fights against economic, political and cultural inequality. International Women's Day looks not just at the struggles that remain, but celebrates everything women have overcome.