Helpful Tools to Overcome Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a common experience for children. However, it can be embarrassing and greatly impact a child’s self-esteem. There are many causes for bedwetting, but none of them are deliberate actions. Parents can use tools like a waterproof sheet to help discreetly clean up accidental messes while maintaining an encouraging and positive environment. Here is what you need to know about bedwetting along with tips to help your child overcome it.

About Bedwetting in Children

Approximately 15% of all children wet the bed still around age five years old. Bedwetting generally resolves itself over time. However, if your child is still wetting the bed after his or her seventh birthday, you may want to consider consulting a healthcare professional for treatment. In the meantime, using a waterproof sheet at night can help you manage nighttime incontinence.

Causes of Bedwetting

There are many causes of bedwetting. It can be inherited and is more common among boys than girls. It is especially prevalent in children diagnosed with ADHD. Stress and trauma can also cause these incidents to happen. Other potential reasons can be a smaller bladder, urinary tract infection, sleep apnea, and constipation.

You can help fight bedwetting by being supportive and focusing on the problem without blaming or punishing your child. Reduce the amount of liquid your child drinks at night, especially any drinks that are caffeinated. Make it a goal to go to the bathroom before climbing into bed. Make sure your child can easily access the bathroom and has a lighted path. You can also help encourage your child to get up during the night to urinate instead of trying to stay dry all night.

Benefits of Waterproof Sheets

Machine washable waterproof sheets can help you fight nighttime wetness while keeping the mattress dry. Plus, clean up is so much easier. Hypoallergenic sheets will help reduce rashing and help fight odor. Not only are our sheets hypoallergenic but they are made from natural and sustainable fibers to maintain durability over a long period of time. They are soft, comfortable, and don’t make noise. Your child can sleep more deeply without being woken up should they toss and turn.

Managing bedwetting at night using a waterproof bedsheet as a treatment helps create a calmer environment with less mess. Encouraging your child to share his or her feelings will boost self-confidence levels, reducing the number of occurrences. Treating bedwetting in a patient way using the right tools can help it become a thing of the past.