Hosting This Year's Thanksgiving? Start Your Prep With These Steps

Preparations for Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving holiday requires more than just knowing how to cook a turkey, especially if you are having guests stay overnight.

You might already know which relatives and friends will stay overnight, but you should also be prepared to accommodate any last minute stayers. Prepping includes having enough food and beverages, entertainment and making sleeping arrangements. Making a plan will save you from some unnecessary stress!

Matching The Guest List with The Grocery List

In order to have a successful meal and avoid any surprises, you should ask your guests in advance of any special dietary needs, allergies and preferences. This will also allow you to make a headcount of how many people will attend the festivity and consequently make sure you have plenty of food and beverages for everyone.

A helpful tip for Thanksgiving meal planning is to choose and cook the side dishes ahead of time, or at least prep them and have them ready to just stick them in the oven.

Make Sleeping Arrangements

A few weeks prior to Thanksgiving day, you should ask your guests who is planning to stay the night and who isn't. This will give you enough time to purchase any extra bedding products, pillows, comforters, etc., if necessary. Also, if your guests have babies or toddlers, having a play yard available will be helpful for either sleeping at night or simply playing during the day while the adults are mingling. 

If you need to purchase bedding products, you should consider buying waterproof, hypoallergenic bed sheets and pillowcases. This will protect your guest room mattress, pull out sofa and play yard, from any accidental spills and diaper accidents. Also, hypoallergenic bedding will prevent your guests from catching any allergies due to the change in temperature or different bedding materials.

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