How to Still Celebrate Mother's Day During the Pandemic

This year is quite extraordinary in many aspects. We've had to postpone events and weddings, stay away from happy hours, and use our imagination to be creative with our daily lives at home. Now that Mom's Day is around the corner, we present you with some great ideas to celebrate her day, in an extraordinary way. 

1. Brunch at Home 

The best part about brunch is that it can be anywhere. Her favorite restaurant may not be taking reservations at the moment, but check if they deliver. Deliver your mom a delicious meal you know she would love. 

2. Movie Night

Pop some popcorn and set up a lovely at home cinematic experience. Add some candy too. Stream a movie she's been wanting to see or watch one of her favorites. Trying to maintain social distancing? You can hold a virtual watch party where both of you can enjoy the movie. 

3. Make a Homemade gift 

Quarantine has brought out the creative side in many people. Break out the art supplies to craft your mom a gift that will make her smile. 

4. Send Flowers

You don't need an extravagant gift for your mom to know you love her. Simply sending her flowers and a beautiful note is enough for her to know how much you care. 

5. Have a Spa day 

If one of your Mother's Day traditions was taking her to the spa to pamper herself, that can still happen. There are plenty of at-home spa treatments you two can do together either in person or over video chat.

6. Take a Virtual Tour

Give your mom the VIP treatment by taking her on a private tour of a museum she has never been before from the comfort of her home. Many museums are uploading free virtual tours for anyone. 

7. Bake Together

Another thing quarantine is bringing out in people are their baking skills. Bake with your mom on this day. Whether the cake comes out perfect or burnt, baking with your mom is an activity both of you are sure to enjoy. 

8. At Home Vineyard 

Invite your mom to the most exclusive wine tasting in town, home. Set up the backyard with a table and some chairs. Decorate the table nicely with some flowers. Have various types of wine with cheeses and fruits to pair them with. 

9. Family Video Call

Due to social distancing, it can be hard being away from your mom on this special day. Set up a family video call for your entire family to join in. You don't have to be apart from your mom to be with her during these times. 

10. Give her the Best Night's Sleep

At the end of this day, your mom is excited to curl up in bed and fall into a deep sleep. You can do that by gifting her with B-Sensible's waterproof fitted sheets. These soft sheets are sweat proof and will let your mom rest nicely without waking up to damp fabric. Plus, they come in various stylish colors. 

Mother's Day plans may have changed due to this pandemic and social distancing, but there are other ways for you to give your mom the Mother's Day you know she will love. Take the time to let your mom know how much you care about her on this day.