How to Stop Bedwetting in Children


How to stop bedwetting in children? That's a question that just about every parent struggles with at some point. Some parents are lucky and only have to change their kid's sheets a few extra hundred times due to overnight accidents. Other parents, however, are so used to their bedwetting children, running an extra load of laundry each day has become routine. 

For children under the age of 7 or 6 years old, bedwetting is extremely common. Doctors haven't been able to identify an actual cause for bedwetting or even why it stops -- but it's typically part of natural development. Kids usually grow out of it, but it can be tricky. 

How to stop bedwetting in children

Here are some great tips for parents to try that might not solve the problem overnight, but it will give your child a much greater chance at quelling his or her nighttime bladder problems: 

  • Don't blame your child -- Most importantly, you should never get angry or blame your child for wetting the bed. Though it's a very common issue, it's quite embarrassing, as well. So it's best to remain calm and compassionate as you both try and fight this issue. 
  • Take trips to the bathroom before bedtime -- It sounds simple, but too many parents forget this crucial step for combatting bedwetting: taking bathroom trips before bed. Make sure your child goes to the bathroom a while they are wounding down each night but also make sure one final trip is made before the get into bed. 
  • Get waterproof bed sheets -- If nothing has worked, you might just have to wait it out and let your child outgrow this problem. If that's the case, you might as well invest in waterproof bed sheets. Also, it's a good idea to lay fresh pajamas in their bedroom just in case. 

It's important to note, you should contact your doctor if your child is wetting his or her pants during the day, has swollen feet or ankles, or complains of a burning sensation while urinating. Don't stress too much if your child continually wets the bed. It's part of life and it will get better. Good luck!