Make The Most Out Of Your Baby's Room By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

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It's all too easy to get lost between what you want and what you need when it comes to your little one's nursery. Certain decor items can look great, but may not serve the purpose you need -- and you only have so much space.

Although every baby is different, there are some common mistakes new parents make when setting up their newborn's nursery.

Don't rush into things

Many parents rush to finish their baby's nursery before they're born. But often a newborn will end up sleeping in their parent's room for the first few months and so you end up stressed for nothing.

What's more, you can end up making impulse buys when you're rushing to finish a baby's room. This can waste your money and your space. So shop smart.

Don't splurge on the wrong things

Sure, that rocking chair looks pretty chic. But is it comfortable?

Don't let yourself get wrapped up in the aesthetic of your baby's nursery. The last thing you want to do is be forced to lie down in an uncomfortable chair rocking your baby to sleep.

Instead, splurge on the things you know you'll need and you know will last you a while. For instance, waterproof crib sheets for baby beds will last you for years (15% of kids still wet the bed by age 5). And hypoallergenic crib sheets will protect your little one from allergens and chemicals.

Don't paint the nursery yellow

Yellow is a happy color and it can easily make a room bright and summery. But the last thing you want to do is paint a nursery yellow.

This is because light is reflected by bright colors like yellow. Yellow stimulates the eyes too much, making it an eye irritant. The color can keep your baby awake and make them cry more.

Use yellow as an accent color instead of the main focus of the room. Muted colors like muslin, off-white, pastel blue, gray, and lavender are better suited for the walls because they won't stimulate your baby's eyes as much.

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