Make Your Bedroom Your Distraction-Free Zone

Your bedroom is your refuge. You go there to relax and rest. Unlike other areas of the house, your bedroom should be a distraction-free zone. Distractions, when you sleep, can cause you to have disrupted sleep patterns and may prevent you from getting the rest you need. There are ways you can keep the distractions out of your bedroom and get your sleep patterns back on track.

No electronics

Eliminate electronics in your bedroom. Put your television in another room and make sure your laptops, cellphones, and tablets are charged in another room. This prevents you from lying awake at night watching television and will allow you to relax quietly once you get into bed. Removing your handheld devices and placing them in another room will prevent you from hearing the notifications as you are trying to sleep.

Ambient lighting

Harsh lighting can make it hard to fall asleep. Use a salt or crystal lamp for ambient lighting. The soft glow will be soothing and allow you to relax more fully. Even if it takes you a while to fall asleep, the softness of the light will make it easier for you to relax and become more comfortable. 

Keep it peaceful

Be mindful of the music you listen to. Create a playlist that contains spa music or instrumentals. Soft music playing in the background will allow your mind to gradually slow down and get lost in the music. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply as you lay in bed. The music, combined with the ambient lighting, will allow your mind to gradually slow down. The relaxing environment will allow you to sleep longer and more deeply, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Creating a distraction-free zone will allow you to get the sleep you need each night. You will feel better physically, and you will be able to concentrate better when you are at work. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on your day.