Oh Baby! 4 Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Never Get Old

hypoallergenic sheets

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to plan and host a baby shower. That means summer may be one of the busiest times of the year for those with friends and family with a bundle of joy on the way.

It can be challenging to think of unique gifts for a baby shower. Luckily, many parents (especially new parents) tend to value similar things when it comes to baby shower gifts.

What’s a good gift idea for a baby shower?
Soon-to-be parents often find the most value in baby shower gifts that are either sentimental or actual life-savers. That said, here are a few baby shower gifts the future moms and dads in your life will feel thrilled to receive:

  1. Gifts from the heart
    This type of gift falls under the category of 'sentimental.' Hand-knit hats, blankets, and booties can mean a lot to new parents.
  3. Gift certificates
    Gift certificates can sometimes feel unsentimental, but they can come in handy. Babies grow fast and the new parents in your life may find themselves in need of something they hadn't thought they needed.
  5. Baby bedding
    Hypoallergenic waterproof sheets for babies are a great gift that offers both the new baby and new parents a good night's sleep. What's more, because the sheets are hypoallergenic you don't have to worry about irritating the baby's sensitive skin.
  7. Diapers
    Diapers are one of those baby shower gifts new parents can't get enough of. Babies can go through diapers like the wind and because they're always growing they might not fit in one diaper size for too long. That said, consider getting the new parents in your life different diapers in multiple sizes.

Hypoallergenic Sheets: Not Just For Kids
Hypoallergenic sheets are a great gift for a baby shower, but they're also a great gift to give yourself. Up to 82% of Americans say they find one extra hour of sleep at night extremely valuable. And hypoallergenic sheets can help you sleep better without having to worry about skin irritants or allergens.

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