Prep For Back to School Like A Boss

Plan for your child's back-to-school with these handy tips!

Back on track

During the sun-filled days of summer, schedules often ease up. To get back on track, gradually return to the school year routine two weeks before the start of classes. Set bedtimes and wake-up calls five minutes earlier each day. Your child needs nine to 10 hours of sleep for great health and maximum productivity.

Start a Back-to-School Shopping List

Celebrate back-to-school with new supplies, from clothing to computers to waterproof fitted sheets! Make a list of all the necessary items and categorize them by what can be bought online and what requires an in-store shopping trip. Having all of your supplies ready ahead of time will make the first days of school a breeze for the whole family. 

For Toddlers

Waterproof pillowcases and fitted sheets stay fresh, dry and hygienic throughout the whole night. These will not only save you time from having to constantly change and wash the bedding, but also money by keeping your mattress in good conditions. 

Hypoallergenic waterproof bedding wicks moisture away from spilled snacks, beverage mishaps and bed-wetting accidents. They also protect the mattress so that your child stays clean and comfortable throughout the night, and is protected from bacteria, mites and allergens. 

Soft fitted sheets made from natural materials with bi-elastic properties will maximize your child's comfort.

Back to School for Teenagers

Waterproof sheets and hypoallergenic pillowcases are perfect for teenagers. BSensible bedding contains the cosmetic ingredient Zinc, which helps to protect skin from infections and promotes healing. This cosmetic ingredient is fantastic for teenagers as it aids to fighting acne. Plus, waterproof bedding means spilled soda is not a problem!
Great for Busy Parents!

Using waterproof sheets and pillowcases makes the start of the new year a breeze due to it's easy maintenance. The incredible properties of these bedding products remain active even after repeatedly washing and drying, saving parents time and money.

Don't forget to add hypoallergenic waterproof bedding to your back-to-school shopping list. It will make this new chapter in your family's life an easy, healthy and fun experience!