Prepping for Preschool

The start of a new school term, especially if it's your little one's first-ever time in the classroom, can be stressful for everyone. New schedules, busy mornings, meeting teachers and students, and learning expectations can be overwhelming for children and parents. Help ease the transition and start the school year off right by preparing your home and setting up routines for success. 

Master the healthy lunch

Start your preschool preparations by stocking up on easy-to-prepare, healthy foods.  An early start to the school day can turn packing your little scholar’s lunch box into a chore. Rather than relying on grab-and-go packaged foods, add your child’s favorite fruits, raw vegetables and healthy proteins to your grocery list. In addition, be sure to find the nutrient-rich breakfast foods that your child will happily eat. Both a healthy breakfast and lunch are essential for providing the energy kids need to stay alert through the school day. 

Set up morning and evening routines 

Chaotic school morning can mean hunting for a missing shoe, locating a wayward backpack, or signing last-minute permission slips, all before rushing out the door. Rather than fighting the morning rush, put routines in place in advance to tame the schedule. Designate one area for each child to store their backpacks, school shoes and other items, and help them to learn to put these items away as they enter the door. Make a habit of emptying homework folders, signing forms and putting them away early in the evening. Set up bedtimes and stick to them through the summer and on weekends to help kids get ample sleep and to reduce school-night bedtime fusses. 

To make mornings smoother, spend a little time each Sunday prepping school clothing. Whether your children wear uniforms or their own clothing to school, match outfits in advance. Designate one drawer to store a week’s worth of school clothing, with one tidy stack for each day. Be sure to include everything your child will need to quickly dress on school mornings, including undergarments and socks.  

Prepare for bedwetting

According to the Mayo Clinic, the stress associated with starting school can lead to an increased risk of bedwetting. Waking up to soaked sheets can add to the confusion and anxiety children feel during the adjustment to their new school lives, making bedwetting a chaotic circle. Prepare for potential bedwetting episodes by using waterproof sheets and keeping fresh pajamas handy. Most importantly, help children feel safe and confident by reassuring them that bedwetting is a normal thing that happens to many children and is nothing to feel ashamed about.