A Few Things to Keep in Mind as You Search for Baby Crib Sheets

When you have a newborn child or if you've had a baby for a few months, there's no discounting the role that a child's sleep plays in their overall health, happiness, and well being. In fact, in cases where a child is not sleeping well, it's not uncommon for the rest of the household to suffer as well. These are just a few reasons why it's so important to invest in the right sheets for babies. But many people aren't sure how to get started or what to look for when they're shopping around for baby crib sheets, potty training sheets, or hypoallergenic sheets. Here's a guide to a few simple things that you should keep in mind as you search for the right baby crib sheets.

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Get Back To Sleep Faster With These Time Saving Tips For Waterproof Sheets

Roughly 82% of Americans consider an extra hour of sleep at night to be somewhat or extremely valuable. But that sleep is hard to come by when your child is waking up in the middle of the night and you have to change wet sheets. Getting back to sleep quickly and easily is a must for a good night’s rest. Here are time-saving tips using waterproof sheets to help you and your child get back to sleep faster.

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The Importance of Choosing Good Quality Baby Sheets

Adults are conscious of what type of sheets they use for their beds. Some enjoy simple bedding with an average thread count, others like to sleep in style with luxury sheets, some have to sleep on hypoallergenic sheets due to sensitive skin, and others don’t pay much attention to thread count as long as they’re comfortable. No matter what category you are in, have you thought about your baby’s quality of sleep? 

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The Basic Sleep Hack Guide for Newborns

It's no secret that living with a newborn baby is magical ... and difficult. While they sleep anywhere between 10.5 and 18 hours a day, that sleep is often broken up into naps instead of one long night's sleep, leaving you feeling drained and barely prepared to take care of your awake little bundle. Here are three key tips for making newborn life easier.Read more

Helpful Tips To Get Your Child To Sleep Ontime

hypoallergenic crib sheet

For many parents, getting their child to sleep is a nightmare. Newborn babies are meant to sleep between 10.5 to 18 hours every day and as your child gets older they still require major beauty rest.

Unfortunately, children don't always want to sleep which can cause stress for the rest of the household. But how can you get your child to rest their eyes regularly every night? The following tips may just be the recipe for sleepy success.

Create a routine

Just like adults, children need a sense of routine to get them ready to de-stress and rest when it's time for bed. A bedtime routine will prepare your child for bedtime by giving them associations to settle them down and quiet the mind.

To start building your child's daily structure and bedtime routine, begin with a relaxing period. Dim the lights and turn off the television. Even consider moving and speaking softly. This period should last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Additional bedtime routine activities include story time and brushing teeth.

Make a dream-like sleep environment

Just like your own bedroom, your child's room should be comfortable and promote sleep. A fresh hypoallergenic crib sheet and soft kids pillowcase create comfortable physical sensations your child needs to relax.

A nightlight or sound machine are additional ways to promote sleep. The sound machine, in particular, works best for children who don't like the quiet and may be used to sleeping with the TV on. A fan may also work to produce steady sounds your child may find comforting.

Make sure they're getting exercise

Children are full of energy. For proper sleep, it's important that your child is able to use that energy through playtime and exercise. Without exercise, your child may not feel tired and lose out on much-needed sleep.

However, although playtime is essential, it's also important that you limit your child's exercise before bedtime. Try to end your child's playtime within three hours of their assigned bedtime. If a child is playing before bedtime, it can cause them to feel too wired to sleep.

It can be challenging to get your child to sleep on a regular schedule. However, by following the tips above such as using a hypoallergenic crib sheet or creating a bedtime routine may help your child get the rest they need. For more information on kids fitted sheets, potty training sheets, or other sheets for babies, contact B Sensible today.

Getting Ready for Fall Season

Sweater weather is here and so is snuggle, cuddle and keep-warm season! As we say bye to summer, we greet fall with open arms, pumpkin spice lattes and the best bedding there is. 

Keeping your baby healthy, warm and comfortable is always a priority, no matter the month or season. But it's no secret cooler weather requires a little extra work when it comes to keeping your little ones warm.

Between the dreaded allergies that often accompany fall season and the occasional accidents that sometimes occurs during potty training, it's essential that you use the right type of bedding, such as waterproof and hypoallergenic bedding, to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

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