Take Control of Your Environment With Healthy BSensible Sheets

If you are a new parent picking out crib sheets for an infant, or getting ready to graduate a toddler into a big kid bed, there's a good chance you have thought about waterproof sheets. There's less of a chance that you have considered them for your own bed or for an older child. Part of the reason is that waterproof mattress protectors have a bad reputation. Most are plastic and sticky, and although they might protect the mattress, it often means that moisture, as well as germs and odors, go with it. In the end, it is not a healthy option for any of you.

BSensible Products Are Different

BSensible products aren't like the plastic mattress protectors you might remember. They actually feel like sheets. They feel like soft and comfortable sheets, which happen to be moisture resistant. This is because they are made from a natural material called TENCEL, which is derived from wood fibers, and has been shown to be more absorbent than cotton, wool, and commonly used synthetic fibers. It is also comparable to linen in weight, and has a softness similar to silk. It is manufactured as part of a closed-loop system. and has been lauded by ecofriendly organizations around the world. 

In addition, BSensible products also feature a Dermofresh Second Skin Membrane which provides both breathability and moisture resistance in an antibacterial mattress or pillow protector. This leaves the user feeling much more comfortable in the morning, regardless of their age or the nature of their "accident."

Getting Better Sleep

Perhaps one of the best benefits that BSensible products provide is peace of mind. Knowing that you and/or your child will be able to have the best night sleep possible, without having to change sheets in the middle of the night will lead to you getting a better night's sleep, which will help you stay healthy.

BSensible has pillow products ( great for sleep droolers) as well as sheets in every size from play yard sheets to king-sized, and are ready to help do their part to keep you healthy.