The Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

Baby showers are one of the many highlights for soon-to-be parents. They are a party to celebrate a new life coming into this world surrounded by close friends and family. Such with many special celebrations, the hosts tend to create a registry for gifts they know will be perfect for them and their newborn. However, some parents may not put together a registry before the shower and the guests need to know what to gift the new parents. Here is a few of the best gifts to give to the parents-to-be. 

New and Classic Baby Books
Give them one or give them ten, books are always one of the best gifts for new parents at a baby shower. Classic baby books never lose their flare with enchanting stories dating back decades. More recently published baby books are also a smart gift since they explore fresh themes and ideas. 

Baby Calendar 
Once the baby is born, the parents will want to mark every important date and time for their child's development during the first year of life. A baby calendar offers the parents the way to ensure every milestone is noted and remembers. This gift is one that will be cherished and kept forever. 

Crib Sheets 
A challenge for parents with a newborn is how hard it is to keep the baby sleeping peacefully. The challenge in giving crib sheets is finding ones that are safe and comfortable for the baby. Hypoallergenic crib sheets provide all the comfort found in soft, all-natural fabric while protecting the baby from allergens and bacteria. A bonus to these sheets is that they are also waterproof and easy to clean for parents. 

A Little Something for the Parents 
The baby shower is not only for celebrating a new life coming into the world, it also is about honoring the parents of the newborn. Treat the parents with a gift specifically for them. Perhaps a date night with babysitting services includes, a spa kit, customized subscription boxes, etc.