The importance of a comfortable restful sleep for athletic performance

(Video: Nan Oliveras  Spanish Elite - Triathlon Champion)

Sometimes it can seem as if top athletes are always conditioning in order to stay in great shape and excel in their sport of choice. Training, however, doesn’t just include actual physical exercise. Components such as staying properly hydrated and getting enough sleep are equally vital components to playing well, as is getting enough sleep. For more and more athletes, BSensible products are playing an important role in achieving their goals.

Why BSensible’s Waterproof Fitted Sheets Make a Difference

Having a comfortable bed to sleep in and getting to bed at a reasonable hour before a big event are very important in order to be able to achieve top performance. For example, tennis athlete Serena Williams has stated that she gets to bed as early as 7 p.m. the night before a match.

When an athlete, or anyone, experiences sleep deprivation, they produce extra stress hormones and lower levels of glycogen and carbohydrates that are needed to maintain energy levels and focus and assure good recovery time after an event.

A lot can happen while a person sleeps. They may sweat, drool or excrete other bodily fluids, especially if they totally give in to sleeping properly. This is why waterproof fitted sheets are not only important for small children but adults as well. Fortunately, with BSensible waterproof fitted sheets, this doesn’t mean sleeping on sticky plastic.

BSensible Sheets Feel as Good (or Better) Than Regular Sheets

When you choose to put a BSensible waterproof fitted sheet on your bed, you are choosing to reward yourself with an extra level of comfort that may give you a competitive edge, not only when it comes to the sports activities you participate in, but also in your daily life.

Just as many types of athletic sportswear are designed to keep you comfortable by providing important moisture-wicking properties, BSensible products provide similar technology in order to assure that you stay dry and comfortable during those important sleeping hours.

BSensible products feature Dermofresh®, a natural fiber textile that has a “second skin” membrane that allows the sheets to feel soft against the skin while still providing the protection and breathability that help you get the restful sleep you need.