The Latest Bedding Trends to Complement and Protect your Natural Mattress

Your bedroom is the ultimate escape from the bustle of daily life. It is a place where you can soothe the day’s stresses away with a good book or recharge with a restful night of sleep. Every bedroom should be comfortable and calming and when you make the choice of going with an organic or natural mattress, it means that you care about the environment, your family's health and the uniqueness of your bedroom more than the average consumer. For that reason, you always try to stay away from the typical mistake of protecting a mattress that might already contain some cotton, with even more cotton. Nonetheless your bedroom should also be stylish. It should show off what you love about the space. To help you create a fun bedroom that you will love, check out these top bedding trends for 2018 - 2019.


1. A Tailored Look

A tailored look embraces the less-is-more philosophy when it comes to bedding. It involves clean, simple lines with an emphasis on white. It uses texture to add visual interest. With a tailored look, the bedding is tucked around the mattress and into the bed frame. The bedding matches up perfectly with the lines of the bed frame. The result? A simple and clean look.


A tailored bedding look goes well with a modern bedroom. It works especially well with a platform bed. The BSensible Fitted Bedsheet is the ideal choice for a tailored bed. A BSensible Waterproof Sheet is the best protection for your organic mattress (and your investment) and fits nicely right into the bed frame. BSensible bedsheets are made from a 100 percent natural and sustainable eco-friendly fiber. This material feels smooth and ultra soft on the skin compared to traditional cotton or synthetic bedding, plus it looks great and comes in a choice of six trendy colors.


2. Textured Covers With Solid-Color Sheets

Textured prints are another popular trend in bedding. A textured coverlet adds warmth to a bedroom. Solid color linens complement a tailored look very well. They help soften the appearance of a tailored bed. Choose a natural-fiber throw with fringe to toss over the end of a perfectly tucked-in bed to add a bit of coziness to your bedroom. 


Another trend for unique bedding includes decorative pillows with tassels, a textured duvet or mixed fabrics. Mix and match different patterns to create interest. Pair your throws, duvets and shams with BSensible Fitted Sheets. The fitted, waterproof BSensible Fitted Sheet will make it seem as though you are sleeping on silk thanks to its unique eco-friendly material. Plus, the hypoallergenic material provides natural waterproof protection as well. 


3. A White and Gray Color Palette

White and gray is the perfect color combination for a sophisticated bedroom. It is also serene and calming. A white and gray color scheme provides a clean, elegant vibe. Gray is also very versatile. It looks equally well with wood and metal bed frames, ideal for organic mattresses. To get this look, simply take a basic white duvet and pair it with a dusty blue throw and accent pillows. BSensible Bedsheets perfectly harmonize with a white and gray color palette. In addition to gray, these hypoallergenic bedsheets come in a choice of nature-inspired colors.


Protect your Organic Mattress without sacrificing comfort or style.


You made the choice of an organic mattress for a reason, but you need to protect it. Wrapping it in a plastic-feeling cover or old-school mattress pad would defeat the purpose. Luckily, BSensibe can offer the essential protection you need to make your mattress last longer while also providing a soft, natural surface that not only feels good, but will also allow your bedroom to look its best.