The Most Useful and Surprising Valentine's Day Gift Ever (But Don't Forget the Chocolates)

Breakfast in Bed over Waterproof Sheets

Valentine's Day is an important day for many couples. It provides an opportunity to get in touch with your romantic side and give your partner something they will enjoy that tells them just how valued they are in your life. Typically, couples will get each other things such as chocolate or jewelry, or even special pieces of clothing in order to commemorate the day. One thing that not everyone thinks of when deciding on a gift is waterproof sheets from BSensible

Why Waterproof Sheets Aren't Just for Kids

There are many reasons why many people have chosen BSensible waterproof sheets for their babies and older children. With kids, leaks and accidents happen, and it is important to have sheets that are durable enough to handle those mishaps. There are many features of BSensible sheets that make them great for that purpose. But just because adults are grown up, it doesn't necessarily mean they are always well behaved.

Whether it's a glass of wine in bed to celebrate the holiday or breakfast in bed, under the heightened romance of the holiday even adults need to let loose from time to time. When they do, however, they have the responsibility afterward to clean up the mess. With BSensible waterproof sheets this is not a problem.

Great Material, Great Sheets

One of the best attributes of our sheets is how easy they are to care for: simply wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. There's no need to send them to the dry cleaner, or even iron them. Our sheets are made of a unique botanical material called TENCEL, that feels softer on the skin than silk, is more absorbent than cotton, and feels cooler than linen. It is fully eco-friendly and recyclable and qualifies as a USDA Certified Biobased Product. It also features our unique second skin membrane with Dermofresh that can physically stop water or other liquids from causing any damage.

All of this makes BSensible Fitted Sheets in standard sizes from twin to king a great option for couples who want to feel safe and spoiled at the same time. Our sheet protector comes in six stylish colors. Pick up a set today along with that box of chocolates.