The Only Types Of Furniture You'll Actually Need In Your Baby's Nursery

crib sheetPlanning the arrival of your new bundle of joy can be stressful, especially if you're already handling the stress of carrying a child. Fortunately, when it comes to your baby's nursery, planning the setup and design can be surprisingly easy.

Of course, there are thousands of ideas to choose from and hundreds of colors you could paint the walls. But when it comes down to it your baby is, well, a baby. You don't have to worry about them sitting up in the middle of the night to tell you they hate the mahogany dresser you chose.

Here are the basics for your baby's room you may want to consider getting ahead of time and what you may want to wait on in the future for when your baby is older.

The furniture you may really need
Most baby rooms have a plethora of furniture. Dressers, toy boxes, rocking chairs, you name it. However, how much of this furniture do you really need in your baby's room? Odds are it's one of the smallest rooms in your living space, which limits the furniture you can have in there, to begin with. Three pieces of furniture that are recommended for any nursery include:
  1. A crib. Whether you use a crib or a Baby Box, you'll need a place where your new baby can sleep by themselves. Having your baby sleep with you can be dangerous, so it's essential they have their own space. 

    Additionally, the type of crib sheet you use in the crib is also important. Baby's have a developing immune system, so a crib sheet that is also a hypoallergenic sheet made for a baby's sensitive skin is a great choice. Also, for durability purposes, baby crib sheets with a thread count of 200 to 800 are considered durable linen.
  3. A changing table. Using a towel on your bed can work as a makeshift changing table, but nothing quite beats the convenience of having diapers, baby powder, and wipes all in one place at your hand's reach. 

    And depending on the amount of storage your changing table has, you can also use it as a makeshift dresser until your baby's clothes begin to outnumber your own and storage outside of the closet becomes necessary.
  5. A rocking chair. Somehow despite their lack of object permanence, babies can somehow detect when you've stopped walking them around the room and are taking a rest. Rocking chairs can your baby the moving sensation they need to fall asleep while also giving you the time you need to rest.

While it may seem like you need it in the store, your baby won't really need toy boxes until they're older and they've accumulated enough things to call their own. For the time being, you may want to consider saving money by using a crib, changing table, and a rocking chair in your child's nursery. You may be able to appreciate the design, but your baby will only care about the functionality of it.