The Purr-fect Bedding for Pet Owners

As a pet parent, your whole world is centered around your adorable ball of fluff. When you open your eyes in the morning, you cannot help but smile at seeing their precious face waiting for you to fill up their food bowl and play with them. On a bad day, your pet finds a way to turn that smile upside down. Your friendship is unbreakable and cuddling with them in your bed strengthens that bond. However, pets leave behind hair and drool. You still want to snuggle up with them, but you need bedding that works for both of you. Here is why hypoallergenic bedding is the must-have for every pet owner. 

​Easily Washable 
It can only be assumed that as a pet owner, you are used to cleaning up after your pet. You know they are not the tidiest roommate by how their toys are scattered on the floor, and how hair and drool coat most of your surfaces. Most owners do not allow their pets on the beds because of how difficult it is to clean the next morning. Hypoallergenic sheets are washable and can easily remove any unwanted hairs or potential drool after your pet takes a long sleep in your bed. In addition, these sheets are also waterproof. This is especially needed whether your pet drools or likes to jump into the bed after running in the rain. 

​Fights Allergens
During allergy season, pets are the most common sources of allergens. After being outside, natural allergens cling onto your pet and litters them throughout your home. Brushing out your pet can help fight those coming your seasonal allergies, but they already entered the air and nestled into your bedding surface. Hypoallergenic bedding like sheets and pillows were made to help fight these allergens all year round. 

​Protects Against Unwanted Odors
While you may have grown used to the natural pet smell around your home, you can still tell the difference between sheets after a good wash and sheets after your pet took a long nap in them. Unwanted odors can make it harder for you to breathe during the night and can create discomfort when trying to fall asleep next to your favorite cuddle buddy. Hypoallergenic sheets fend off these odors and stop them from sticking to your bedding surfaces permanently. This is due to the properties of Zinc oxide in the sheets. They stop odor causing bacteria from proliferation, and leave behind only long-lasting freshness. Making every night feel like you and your pet are sleeping in a freshly, made bed.