Top Tips to Celebrating Father's Day While Social Distancing

Our current pandemic and social distancing restrictions has made partaking in wonderful celebrations, occasions, and holidays complicated. That does not have to be the case for Father's Day. Your plans for honoring the father figure in your life may have changed, but that does not mean you still can't celebrate. Here are some useful tips and ideas for you to create an extraordinary Father's Day while sticking to social distancing restrictions. 

​1. Virtual Space Adventure 
Take your dad out of this world on a virtual walk on Mars tour! Nasa has opened up their website for anyone to experience the wonders of space from their living room.

​2. Brew a Custom Beer
Does your dad have an appetite for quality beer? Why not make your own with at-home brewing kits. This great bonding activity and gift will let your dad create his own brew to match his unique tastes.

​3. Satisfy his Sweet Tooth
No one can resist baked goods. Bake your dad some delicious treats you know he will love. It is a great project you two can do together or an amazing gift to surprise them with at his doorstep. 

​4. Movie Theatre Experience
If your dad misses going to see the newest movies at the theatre, bring the theatre to him. Set up your own movie theatre in the living room with a concession stand containing candy, popcorn, and sodas. You can even look up different craft ideas to making popcorn bowls, tickets, and more. 

​5. Take a Class Together
You learn a lot from you dad, so take the opportunity to learn something together. There are several interesting online classes ranging from sports, music, art, etc. that can teach your dad a few new tricks and skills. 

​6. Cook Recipes from Around the World
An appetizing meal is perfect for any occasion. Branch out your dad's palette with new and delightful recipes from countries all over the world. If you and your dad are not in the same location, then plan a video call for both of you to cook the new recipe together. 

​7. Game night 
Game night is a classic family tradition that will never get old. Your entire family can connect online to play your family's favorite board games. If you are all located in the same residence, use this opportunity to turn off the phones and enjoy game. 

​8. Go camping 
Nothing says adventure like the great-outdoors, unless you can't really go outdoors. You can still go camping from the comfort of your home. Pitch a tent either in your backyard or in your living room as you cook your favorite camping foods. 

​9. Play Mini-Golf
If you want this Father's Day to be a hole in one, construct your own at-home mini-golf course. Let your imagination run wild with putting together various obstacles and paths in any room of your house. 

​10. Help him Sleep Through the Night 
Father's Day is an all-day event, and that includes sleep. Keep the celebration going by giving your dad the best sleep he can ask for. B-Sensible provides an array of bedding products that ensures your dad sleeps soundly through the night. Since the waterproof fitted sheet protector and pillowcases are sweat proof, they are the perfect combination to help your dad sleep all-night long without the risk of waking up to a damp bed. 

Staying safe while celebrating Father's Day can be complex, but every challenge can be overcome. Using these awesome tips, you can make this day fantastic from sunrise to when it's time for bed.