Tricks to Help You Get a Better, More Restful Sleep Every Night

waterproof fitted sheet doubleWe've likely all experienced, at one point or another, just how drastically our sleeping habits can affect our waking moods. Too little sleep can result in grogginess, irritability, and poor concentration. On the other hand, a good night's sleep can help us feel recharged, alert, and happy as we go about our days.

Wouldn't it be nice to ensure that you always get the quality of sleep you need to perform your best every day? With these simple tips and tricks from the National Sleep Foundation, you can tackle each morning with the energy you need to conquer your busy days.
  • Stick to a Schedule. Are you a weekend warrior when it comes to staying out late and sleeping in? That could be doing more harm than good for your weekday routine. It's better to stick to a regular schedule to help keep your body's internal sleep clock in sync.
  • Wind Down. Try setting an alarm before bedtime -- one that reminds you that it's time to put away the bright screens and start to wind down and relax. A fresh-smelling waterproof fitted sheet doubles as both bedding and aromatherapy, which 75% of people say helps them get to sleep better.
  • Don't Nap. If you're having trouble staying awake through the day and have trouble falling asleep at night, don't give in to the temptation to "power nap." Instead, power through!
  • Get Some Exercise. Even light physical activity may help your body sleep better at night, no matter what time you do it.
  • Assess Your Environment. Keep your bedroom at a cool sleeping temperature at night, and block out anything that might interrupt your sleep. Try blackout curtains to block light, a fan to drown out noise, or hypoallergenic pillow cases to prevent irritants.
  • Be Comfortable. If you're spending the recommended eight hours a night in bed, you might as well be comfortable in it. Along with a supportive mattress, you'll want good bedding for you and everyone else in your family. Waterproof fitted sheets only enhance your comfort and security throughout the night, leaving you well rested in the morning.
Few things in life can affect our day-to-day moods more than our quality of sleep. While a waterproof fitted sheet doubles as protection and comfort, there's more to a good night's rest than bedding alone. Practice these habits every night for a healthier, more energetic lifestyle, day in and day out.