Using The Potty Like A Pro: Potty Training Tips For Every Parent

waterproof bedsheetsPotty training can be a challenging stage for any parent, whether they're experienced or new to the game. However, it doesn't have to be stressful if you have the right mentality and the right strategies.

Here are just a few ways to help ease your child's way into potty training and onto the big kid's toilet.
  1. Have patience
    Each child is different. The potty training method that worked best for your oldest may not work for your youngest. However, one method that works best for every child is patience. Watch your child's face for the common signs they're trying to go to the bathroom and take them to the potty. If they don't go right away once they're there, wait it out with them until they're comfortable.
  3. Go multiple times throughout the day
    Part of the potty-training struggle is getting your child acclimated to using the bathroom itself. Consider taking your child to use the potty every 10 minutes -- even when they don't have to go -- whether you're at home or out-and-about. Gradually work your way up to taking them to use the bathroom every 15 minutes, then every 20 minutes, 30, etc. Soon they'll be familiar enough with the bathroom to be able to go on their own without fear.
  5. Use praise to your advantage
    It's true that children respond to bribery, but where candy fails to do the job, praise is the gift that keeps on giving. When your child uses the potty, give them a high-five or throw a little dance party. They'll be so happy they made you proud, they'll go back to the toilet again and again.
  7. Don't forget waterproof bedsheets
    Getting your child to use the bathroom while they're awake is only half the battle when it comes to potty training. School-aged children should get between 10 to 11 hours of sleep, which can be a long time without using the bathroom. Because your child is still used to wearing a diaper, they may relieve themselves while they're sleeping out of reflex whether they're using waterproof sheets or not. Waterproof bedsheets will be your best friend during this transition. Not only can you ensure your waterproof bedsheets won't be stained over time by routine accidents, but you also won't have to go out and purchase a new set of kids fitted sheets every week.

Potty training can be a struggle for any parent. But with patience, the right training methods, and the best potty training sheets to keep your child's bed dry at night, you can be sure your child will be using the potty like a pro in no time.