Waterproof Bedding: What Is it and Why Should You Invest?

waterproof sheets for baby If you're in the market for mattress protectors or kid's fitted sheets, waterproof materials should be high up on your list of options. Whether its waterproof sheets for baby cribs or potty training sheets, there's no denying that waterproof is a good choice. But aside from the obvious benefits, why are waterproof bedding materials like mattress protectors so great? Keep reading to find out.

Bacteria Protection
A mattress protector, especially a waterproof one, is definitely a good shield against spills, but it's also an excellent shield against bacteria. Almost 15% of children still wet the bed at age 5, and while it's not a huge deal, it's the perfect breeding opportunity for bacteria. But if you invest in a waterproof mattress protector, you'll be preventing those bacteria from growing, as cleanup is fast and easy and fluid won't be able to seep into the mattress.

Allergic Reaction Prevention
Microscopic pests like dust mites live in the fibers of mattresses and can trigger irritating allergic reactions if you're not careful. Not only can a mattress protector prevent those little attackers from irritating your skin, it can help prevent inhaling them. Inhalation can also irritate the respiratory system, and mattress protectors are designed to prevent that kind of irritation.

Child Health Aid
School-aged children tend to bring their activities home with them, and if those activities involve germs or dirt, you can be sure they'll make their way onto the bed. No matter how much you clean the bed sheets or the mattress, those bacteria will continue to thrive there. But a mattress protector can help you ensure they won't spread to other areas of your child's bed or bedroom. And if you make a move to invest in a mattress protector from the very beginning, you might not have to worry about bacteria living in your child's mattress at all. Proper hygiene is important, but there's no safety net quite like a mattress protector.

Mattress protectors provide just as many, if not more, benefits than waterproof sheets for baby cribs. Why wait to invest in something that will keep you and your family safer and cleaner at night?