What to Consider When Selecting Crib Sheets

crib sheetsChoosing crib sheets might not seem like a task you need to do a lot of thinking about, but when it comes down to it, your baby's skin health and quality of sleep will likely be affected by the type of fitted sheets for baby beds you select. If you want to make a conscious, safe decision on sheets for your child, make sure you consider the following things before you buy.


Different materials will affect your child in different ways. For example, if you want hypoallergenic crib sheets, a material like cotton might be your best choice. But if you're shopping on a tight budget and your child doesn't have any allergy issues, a cotton/polyester blend may be a better choice. Flannel sheets are best for the winter months, as they provide the most warmth. That being said, make sure you're working with high-quality flannel. Any low-quality flannel sheets will likely pill and present a choking hazard for your baby.


Beware of extra materials included with fitted baby sheets! Things like bumpers, blankets, pillows, or toys present suffocation hazards to infants. When in doubt, go for the "sheets only" package. Not only will this help eliminate risk for your child, it will likely guarantee better quality.

Fitted or Loose?

Fitted sheets for your baby's crib are always the safest way to go. Just as extra blankets, pillows, and trinkets can present hazards, so too can loose sheets. The better your crib sheets fit, the safer your child will be.

Multiple Sheets

Babies are messy. Whether there's an accident in the bed or your sheets are looking a little dingy, it's always good to have a spare fitted sheet on hand. So when you're out looking for fitted baby sheets, make sure you're picking up more than one! Better safe than sorry.


If you want 400 thread count sheets, they'll be soft and light. But if you hate the pattern, then what's the point of a high thread count? You'll be looking at these baby sheets in your nursery for quite a while -- better make sure you like the pattern! When in doubt, a gender-neutral, multicolored pattern is great.

Choosing sheets for your baby's crib can be exciting. Just make sure you consider a few of these things before you make an impulse purchase.