What to Consider When Shopping for your Baby’s Crib Sheets

On average, a baby sleeps for at least 10.5 hours a day. That’s why it’s imperative to prioritize your baby’s comfort when it comes to sleep. Having a crib for your baby is not enough; there are a couple of things to consider, like crib sheets, mattress, and pillowcase.

From cotton to waterproof crib sheets, crib sheets provide a comfortable environment for your newborn. Therefore, it’s essential that you purchase the ideal crib sheet for your baby. As such, when it comes to picking the perfect crib sheets, there a couple of things to consider. Read on to get acquainted with what to consider when choosing the right crib sheet for your baby.


Knowing the prevalent temperature conditions is vital when shopping for your baby’s crib sheets. Cotton crib sheets are the perfect choice for warm seasons since they allow your baby to breathe without suffocating. Cotton crib sheets are also durable and hypoallergenic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your baby’s health.

Conversely, during cold seasons, flannel crib sheets should be your go-to option. Flannel crib sheets trap the heat produced by your baby and allow free air circulation providing freedom of sleeping without risking catching a cold.

Fitting Crib Sheets

The debate on the best option between fitted and non-fitted crib sheets always ends up with fitting crib sheets winning. Fitted crib sheets are elastic, and the elasticity helps in tucking perfectly in mattress corners and the crib itself. Unlike the non-fitted types, fitted provide safety and prevent the chances of your baby getting entrapped by a loose non-fitted crib sheet.

Basically, unfitted crib sheets are more like regular sheets, and just like ordinary sheets, they tend to loosen up during sleep, which is not a good thing even for adults. So, sticking with fitted crib sheets is the right thing to do.

Material Used

The material used is essential in picking the correct crib sheet. 100% cotton is the most ideal of them all. As stated earlier, its wide range of safety features puts it on top. It has fibers that offer comfortable breathability and it’s hypoallergenic. On the other hand, polyester crib sheet may seem less costly but are uncomfortable, not hypoallergenic, and worse, they’re not durable.

So going for a cotton crib sheet is a safe option. Besides, the baby’s safety and comfort are of the utmost priority here over your budget.

Waterproof Crib Sheets

Waterproof crib sheets are the latest fad. Most parents prefer them for their convenience when it comes to potty training. Approximately 15% of children aged 5 are bed wetters, probably making it one of the reasons why parents prefer these kinds of crib sheets over the rest.

One thing to note, though, is that waterproof crib sheets should be breathable, hypoallergenic, and well fitted. A waterproof crib sheet that lacks all those is not ideal for your baby. If you’re prone to questioning a trend before trying out, don’t doubt this one, it’s perfect for your baby.

Avoid Purchasing Sets

Some manufacturers make crib bedding sets, where you have crib sheets, mattress, pillowcase and pillow in one set. It might seem economical, but it might cost you in the future. Not all contents in the collection are of quality designs and are mostly not durable. So, refraining from sets and sticking to one bedding at a time will help in picking the ideal crib sheet.

Baby Protection

Of all the reasons for picking the right baby crib sheets, protection is of the highest importance. Check on cases of loose fibers and strings that might risk entangling your baby. Make sure it is not a non-fitted crib sheet lest you risk getting the baby entrapped by the crib sheet. Also, ensure it fits seamlessly with the crib and baby matress’s size.


Now that you know what to go for when shopping for your little champ’s baby crib sheet. It’s time to get the right crib sheet and give your newborn a peaceful and comfortable sleep.