What to Look For In Potty Training Sheets

One of the best ways to face a new day with confidence and vigor is to start with a good night’s sleep. In fact, just one extra hour of sleep was noted to be highly valued by 82% of Americans.

Without a doubt, there is a group of parents in that percentile who are attempting to potty train their children. Potty training can be a challenge during the day, and nighttime can intensify those challenges. Fortunately, potty training sheets are available to help with the ups and downs of this phase. Here are some things to look for if you’re buying potty training sheets.

Easy Maintenance

Look for waterproof bed sheets for kids that are easy to care for. If they are easy to wash, they will be great for all of the many changes that will happen -- especially the accidents that occur in the middle of the night. You will save yourself a lot of energy and time.

Remember how great it is to slip into a freshly-made bed? Well, a majority of people sleep better with sheets that have a fresh, clean scent, so go for sheets that are completely machine-washable and tumble-dry-ready. That freshly-washed-and-dried scent is irresistible.


Sleeping in soft, breathable sheets is the ultimate comfort. And your child’s comfort will help everyone in the household get a good night’s rest. However, the potty training sheets you use should also be durable, so check for a material that provides both comfort and durability. Avoid vinyl protectors, as many kids find them uncomfortable.


There's no sense in forking over an exorbitant amount of money for sheets of the highest thread count if you are looking for potty training sheets. Save your cash for later, and for now, invest in some fitted sheets for your child that are affordable. This way, you can purchase several sets in different colors and styles.


As practical as these potty training sheets are, they are also nice to look at. With bright, fun patterns, they can brighten up a room and carry your child into a pleasant night of rest. Colorful prints and a great selection of designs to choose from let these potty training sheets add a style statement to your child’s bedroom.


These waterproof potty training sheets also serve as waterproof mattress protectors. It is important to note, though, that they are not mattress pads. There is no doubt about it: potty training sheets are a lot less expensive to replace than a new mattress!


Made from all-natural materials, potty training sheets will give you peace of mind twofold. First, you will know that you have made a sustainable choice. Second, you'll have purchased a quality product that will protect the bed your toddler sleeps in every night.

In addition to the potty training sheets, bedsheets for sensitive skin are also available for your child. The options that are at your disposal today can help make the potty training phase as smooth as possible. You may also acquire a new appreciation for the phrase "good night" because you will know that your child is sleeping on clean and comfy potty training sheets.