What to Look For When Choosing New Bed Sheets

waterproof fitted sheets

In the new year, many people are looking for ways to get a better night's sleep so that they can feel more rested and ready to take on the challenges of the day. So what better place to start than with your bed itself?

Choosing a new set of sheets can feel overwhelming, as there are so many different options out there to choose from. But to find sheets that you'll actually use and love, remember to keep in mind these helpful tips:

Thread Count Isn't Everything

Some people are very serious about their thread counts, but what does that mean, exactly? Thread count refers to the number of threaded weaves per square inch of fabric space. They can be horizontal "wefts" or vertical "warps," or they can just be added in afterwards to increase the thread count (and thus, the sticker price). What's more important than the thread count is the type of fabric itself. To get bedding that lasts, you're probably going to want to look for waterproof fitted sheets and pillowcases to protect against spills and sweat.

Be Kind to Your Skin

We spend up to a third of our lives in bed, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that your choice of bedding will have an impact on your skin and health. If you are prone to eczema, allergies, dry skin, or other irritations, be sure to choose a hypoallergenic pillow case and waterproof fitted sheets to keep your skin happy and healthy.

Go for Longevity and Durability

You might be tempted to pay less for lower-quality bed sheets, but think of your bedding as an investment. Spending a little more on quality sheets that can withstand many washings and waterproof sheets that protect against stains will actually help you save money in the long run. Plus, with a comfortable bed set, you'll obviously sleep better -- which will help you be more productive with your day.

This new year, don't be afraid to treat yourself to quality bed sheets that will help you sleep better, feel better, and be a better person all around. Quality sleep is too important to sacrifice to bad bedding, so when you choose a new set, make it one that you'll love!