Why Quality Baby Crib Sheets Make a Difference In Your Toddler’s Sleep

According to research, newborns tend to sleep a total of up to 18 hours a day. Given such, it’s vital that baby crib sheets are of high-quality and have features that ensure proper and comfortable rest for your baby. Let’s delve deeper into the importance of quality baby crib sheets and where you can purchase them.

Hours Of Sleep Require Comfortable Bedding

Since babies can sleep up to 18 hours, finding the correct baby crib sheets is important so that your baby has the soundest sleep possible. While you may focus on picking festive and fun patterns, you want to ensure that you consider other factors for the correct baby crib sheets. Size, durability, longevity, and fabric are vital when buying baby crib sheets. You want to ensure that you choose the healthiest baby crib sheets that you can.

What Are Standard Size Baby Crib Sheets?

Standard size baby crib sheets refer to both mattress and crib sheets that measure 51 and 5/8 inches long, as well as 27.25 inches wide. The thickness of standard baby crib sheets is 5.5 inches thick. Not all baby crib sheets and baby mattresses are standard sizes. So, you want to take the time to measure your baby’s crib to ensure that you purchase perfectly fitting crib sheets.

Do Sheets Come With the Purchase Of a Crib?

Most cribs do come with a set of baby crib sheets. Many cribs also feature a bumper, bed skirt, decorative pillows, a quilt, and more. However, as a parent, you want to have plenty of bedsheets for better sleep. Take the time to have a small stockpile of fitted crib sheets, waterproof crib sheets, waterproof pillowcases, and more for your baby.

Just like your own linen, bedding gets dirty and has to be washed and changed. While it may seem as if you can just simply remove current bedding from the crib, launder it, and then place it back on the crib’s mattress, you may find it more beneficial to remove the linens and replace them with a different set of baby crib sheets. This way, your baby is always sleeping on fresh, clean sheets on rotation.

Do Certain Baby Sheets Contribute to SIDS?

Certain ill-fitting baby crib sheets can increase the risk of SIDS. In an effort to reduce and eliminate the risk, you want to ensure that your baby crib sheets are correctly fitting the crib and the mattress. You want the sheets to be the correct fit so that your baby doesn’t suffocate, overheat, or become tangled in the sheets.

While checking those fitted crib sheets, you want to take the time to also ensure that the baby’s crib mattress is snug and firm. Most doctors and baby sleep experts recommend placing the baby on their back with just a crib sheet and without any pillows, stuffed animals, toys, or blankets. You may consider speaking with your health care professional and finding out what works best for your baby for the assembly of the best baby crib sheets and items in the crib.

What Are Some Great Fabrics for My Baby Crib Sheets?

Choosing quality fabrics for your baby crib sheets is essential for your baby to be comfortable as they sleep. The sheets you choose should be gentle against your baby’s skin. Baby sheets manufactured of 100% cotton or a quality cotton blend are great choices. There are also hypoallergenic bed sheets, organic baby sheets, and even waterproof baby crib sheets that would make great choices. For each new baby crib purchase, you want to inquire about the materials and ingredients that were used to craft them.

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