3 Reasons to Invest in Quality Baby Crib Sheets

baby crib sheet

Every parent knows the care and comfort of their child doesn't take a back seat to anything else going on. This is exactly why we've spent a great deal of time and effort at B-Sensible into developing our incredible baby crib sheets. Available in eight different colors, our fitted crib sheets come in a one 52"x28"x6" baby crib sheet size standard that will snugly fit onto most all cribs.

Many new, and even experienced, parents have probably never put much thought into the specific baby sheet protector they use, most people assume a sheet is a sheet. False. There are a variety of aspects that set our product apart from typical baby crib sheets, and their aesthetic appeal is just one of them.

Here are three simple reasons for any parent to invest in quality baby crib sheets like the ones here at B-Sensible.
  1. Convenience and Efficiency: All of our products are waterproof fitted sheets, which means no more hassle after an overnight accident that could lead to a compromised mattress. Our baby crib sheets are also machine-washable so all you have to do in the event of an accident is strip it from the crib and throw it in the wash.

    On a practical level, we use natural and sustainable fibers in our products to ensure we're leaving as small a footprint as we can on the world around us.

  2. Comfort: When it comes to the surface your baby will be sleeping on, comfort is certainly a high priority. All of our baby crib sheets are made with TENCEL® fabric, which is extremely smooth and soft to the touch. No more worrying about the thread count, which is a measure of the horizontal and vertical threads woven into a fabric, being too soft or dense.

  3. Safety and Protection: Finally, and most important of all, is the additional level of safety and protection you'll be providing your child on a nightly basis. We include cosmetic grade Zinc in our baby crib sheets through our patented Smartcel™ sensitive process to help fight bacteria, reduce natural odors, and support healthy protected skin.
Babies are, of course, delicate and fragile beings. They shouldn't even be exposed to the sun before six months of age (and even then, not without SPF 30 sunscreen), so there's no reason to not spend a little and invest in the best quality product your child will be sleeping on every night to help both you and them.

ABC Kids Expo 2015

Bedding Industrial Beguda North America Inc. will be present at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas from the 18th to 21st of October 2015.We will be introducing the BSensible Baby & Kids lines for the American market.

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