How to Inspire Creativity In Your Child's Bedroom

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As adults, we all know that our bedrooms can offer a space to relax, unwind, and recoup from the stresses of the day. But for our kids, bedrooms are so much more than that. They can be areas of play, study, and learning, as well as sleeping and relaxing. To help your child get the most out of their bedroom space, consider some of these design and decoration ideas that are sure to inspire growth and creativity, day or night.

  • Bright Colors. Be bold in your child's choice of wall paint. Or, if you'd prefer not to make lasting changes, add posters or wall decorations to enliven the space. Yellows, greens, and blues work well for kids in a way that most adults can't get away with.
  • Organizing Space. To avoid the constant "Clean your room!" reminders, start with a space that has ample organization for everything, from clothes and books to games and art supplies. When everything has a designated storage area, there's no excuse to leave items lying on the floor.
  • Nooks and Crannies. Who didn't love building a blanket fort as a kid? Built-in spaces that provide cozy nooks offer fun spaces for kids to "hide out" while they read a book or plot their next adventure.
  • Quality Sheets. Let's face it: A kid who uses up a lot of energy throughout the day needs a lot of sleep, too. In addition to a fun play area, you need to make sure the bedroom is also a calming place to wander off to dreamland. A good set of kids fitted sheets, a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector, and kids pillowcases can go a long way towards a good night's rest. In fact, 78% of Americans say they get excited to go to bed when they have a fresh-smelling bedspread, so be sure to wash those kids fitted sheets regularly, too.

Every child deserves a space where they can be free to play, explore, and relax in the comfort of their own home (even if they have to share it with a sibling or two). Turn your kids' bedrooms into a haven of creativity with a few simple tweaks and modifications to make sure they get the most out of every day.

How to Combat Germs In Your Baby's Crib

Your baby may look like a precious, innocent angel when he's asleep in his crib, but remember: that's not all he does in there. Aside from the obvious diaper-wetting and food spit-ups, your baby's sleep surface may be covered with sweat, drool, skin particles, dust mites, and any other number of germs that like to harbor in dark, wet environments.

While not all germs are necessarily dangerous for you or your child, it's important to keep crib spaces clean and wash baby items like crib fitted sheets and baby sheet protectors on a regular basis, even if they appear spotless to the naked eye.

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help make sure your baby's crib is free of icky germs.
  1. Always buy doubles (or triples)
    We all know and expect that accidents can happen. When they do, it's best to strip both the waterproof crib sheets and the baby sheet protector immediately and throw them into the wash before any leaky drippings have a chance to soak into the mattress itself. Have a spare set on hand so you can make the bed fresh and put baby (and yourself) back to sleep sooner rather than later.
  3. Clean the mattress
    Every once in a while, you'll want to do a deep clean of the mattress and crib itself with a mild detergent and water. Allow it to dry completely, then sprinkle with a bit of baking soda to eliminate any lingering odors. Vacuum the mattress and the surrounding crib space before you put it back in place.
  5. Keep baby clean, too
    Infants should get two or three baths a week to stay clean. Find a perfect bath temperature that's warm, not hot, and fill the tub with no more than two or three inches of water. Use baby-friendly soaps and cleaners -- and a rubber ducky helps, too.

Germs are to be expected in any young child's life -- in fact, research suggests that a little bit of dirt can help build a child's immune system. But don't put your baby to rest in an unclean environment. Be sure to mark a regular cleaning date on your calendar and stick to it to ensure a good night's sleep for everyone.

Everything You Need From Potty Training Sheets

potty training sheets

There are many joys of parenting, but potty training isn't one of them. While it's a memorable milestone in any child's development, potty training necessarily comes with a lot of trial and error along the way -- especially at nighttime.

Potty training sheets are one of the most important investments you'll make as a potty-trainer parent. The right choice will not only help your child during these stressful years, but will also help you maintain your own sanity in this undeniably messy phase of life. On the other hand, inferior potty training products will only make your life more difficult.

So if you're looking for the best potty training sheets online, look for these qualities when choosing potty training sheets. If you do, you'll be prepared for quick and easy success.

  • Waterproof: There's no question that you should invest in waterproof fitted sheets as well as a waterproof mattress protector for the potty training period. Sheets can be easily stripped and cleaned, but one accident might forever ruin a mattress if it's not protected.

  • Comfort: You want to make the transition period as smooth and seamless as possible, which means maximum comfort is a top priority. Many kids can't stand the feel of vinyl protectors, but B-Sensible's Dermofresh textiles are both soft and breathable. That makes them the most comfortable potty training sheets available anywhere.

  • Cost: While a 200-count or higher percale sheet will be more durable and less likely to pill than satin, who wants to spend an armful of cash on sheets that are likely definitely going to be soiled anyway? Our kids fitted sheets are affordable and come in a variety of colors to make your kid love bedtime again.

  • Care: Many parents learn the trick of doubling up on potty training sheets when making the child's bed. This way, the top sheet can be easily stripped and thrown in the wash during the middle of the night with a fresh sheet already in place underneath. It's also undeniably important to have easy-to-wash sheets and protectors, since 75% of people sleep more comfortably with fresh-smelling sheets and 78% say they're more excited for bed with a fresh scent. B-Sensible's sheets are 100% machine-washable and tumble-dry ready, saving you precious time and energy.

  • Best of all, our training sheets are made from all natural materials. Get the peace of mind and rest you need as a parent knowing that your toddler's bed is well-protected all night long.

    Exciting Displays Coming to the ABC Kids Expo 2016

    abc kids expo 2016This October, don't miss the ABC Kids Expo 2016 in Las Vegas, where all of the world's best and most innovative children's product makers gather under one roof for a four-day long show-and-tell.

    Now in its 14th year, ABC Kids Expo 2016 is poised to be one of the biggest yet. More than 1,000 exhibitors are expected, along with 12,000 attendees at this industry-exclusive event. From furniture to apparel and from bedroom decor to toys and games, every kind of product you could possibly imagine will be represented at the expo -- and then some.

    Be sure to check out BSensible's booth and display areas to witness some of our best infant and children's bedding options. You'll be able to experience and learn first-hand about the incredible zinc-enhanced fibers that make up some of our most popular products, such as:
    • Baby Crib Sheets: We believe that baby should have bedding that's as comfortable, durable, and fresh as any parents'. These waterproof crib sheet covers are made of TENCEL, a fabric that's more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen, and softer than silk.
    • Kids Fitted Sheets: The cosmetic grade zinc in our sheets and pillowcases actually help regenerate and protect skin with its antibacterial properties while reducing odor -- a blessing for the parents of any child who likes to play and get dirty outside. Some three-quarters of people say they get a better night's rest when their sheets have a fresh scent, and 78% say they actually get excited for bed when sheets smell fresh. Your kids just might too!
    • Hypoallergenic Pillow Cases: Again, these materials are waterproof, breathable, and most of all, comfortable. They're resistant to bacteria build-up and are completely machine-washable, while still being made of all-natural fibers.
    Additionally, make sure to check out all of the other exhibitors at the ABC Kids Expo 2016, where you just might end up learning a thing or two. Did you know that massaging premature infants with sunflower oil three times a day might reduce the risk of sepsis by 41% and the risk of mortality by 26%? See what other new facts and products you can discover at the Expo, and we'll see you there!

    The Ultimate Guide to Baby Bedding


    Newborn infants spend a majority of their time sleeping, which means that their sleeping space is one of the most essential spots you'll need to prepare before baby's arrival. Unlike adult bedding, however, a baby's crib or bassinet doesn't necessarily need all the bells and whistles -- and some of them can be downright dangerous.

    There are just a few key items needed for a comfortable and safe resting place for your newborn. In fact, any unnecessary items should be kept out of the crib to prevent suffocation or SIDS. Here, we've rounded up the basics you'll need to get the best crib space for your little one.
    • Crib and Mattress
      While there are many options out there today for sleeping arrangements with your baby, many people still prefer the old-fashioned crib and mattress combination. It'll give you the most use for the longest amount of time, especially if you invest in a quality product.
    • Baby Waterproof Sheets
      You'll definitely want a fitted crib sheet that fits securely over the mattress without bunching or rolling up. Make sure you opt for baby waterproof sheets to help ensure protection against any middle-of-the-night accidents. Be sure to consider the thread count, too -- this is defined as the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric, both horizontally ("weft") and vertically ("warp"). This may seem like an unnecessary indulge for a newborn, but thread count also affects quality and durability. Percale cotton sheets between 200 and 800 will provide a more durable linen than a cotton satin of a similar thread count. Because of its denser weave, percale is also less likely to pill.
    • Mattress Protector
      Make sure to cover that crib mattress with a machine-washable protective pad. Better yet, find a hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector to provide double protection against spills and dust allergens in the air.
    • Bumpers
      Some modern cribs don't even require bumpers, but they're still good to have, to protect baby from getting caught up in the railings. Remove the bumpers once the child can pull himself up will also prevent any escape attempts.

    When it comes down to it, you only need a few things for the perfect baby bedding setup: a good crib, a good mattress, and protective items like a crib sheet protector and baby waterproof sheets. Give your baby a good place to rest so you can get some shut-eye, too!