Why Use Plastic Mattress Protectors When You Can Use Waterproof Ultrasoft Bedsheets for Babies?

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler learning how to use the potty, waterproofing the bed is essential for keeping your mattress from getting waterlogged. Replacing a crib mattress or a twin bed mattress damaged from bed-wetting can be expensive. Additionally, too much moisture can result in a moldy mattress even when using mattress protectors. So what is the solution to keeping your child's mattress from getting soaked? A better solution for using a plastic mattress protector is finding a top-notch waterproof sheet for your baby's bed.

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The Latest Bedding Trends to Complement and Protect your Natural Mattress

Your bedroom is the ultimate escape from the bustle of daily life. It is a place where you can soothe the day’s stresses away with a good book or recharge with a restful night of sleep. Every bedroom should be comfortable and calming and when you make the choice of going with an organic or natural mattress, it means that you care about the environment, your family's health and the uniqueness of your bedroom more than the average consumer. For that reason, you always try to stay away from the typical mistake of protecting a mattress that might already contain some cotton, with even more cotton. Nonetheless your bedroom should also be stylish. It should show off what you love about the space. To help you create a fun bedroom that you will love, check out these top bedding trends for 2018 - 2019.

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Toddler Prep: What Transitions Can I Expect As My Baby Moves Onto Toddlerhood?

It can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions for you as a parent as your child navigates the bumpy road from babyhood to toddlerhood. During this time, you'll experience moments that are milestones both for your baby and for you.

Each stage of toddlerhood has its own challenges and joys. Here are a few transitions you can prepare for as your baby progresses into their next stage of development.

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The importance of a comfortable restful sleep for athletic performance

(Video: Nan Oliveras  Spanish Elite - Triathlon Champion)

Sometimes it can seem as if top athletes are always conditioning in order to stay in great shape and excel in their sport of choice. Training, however, doesn’t just include actual physical exercise. Components such as staying properly hydrated and getting enough sleep are equally vital components to playing well, as is getting enough sleep. For more and more athletes, BSensible products are playing an important role in achieving their goals.

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