Top 6 Factors You Need to Consider When Buying Protective Pillow Cases

According to health and wellness experts, sleeping the recommended eight hours is very important as it boosts your health. Sufficient sleep improves overall body physiology and plays a vital role in how the brain works. Americans have bought into this idea, and most of them, 82%, go the extra mile of finding an extra hour of sleep.

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How to Refresh Your Bedroom This Fall

When the cool winds of fall arrive, it just feels right to cozy up and retreat indoors for the season. Given the fact that you will be spending more time snuggling, fall is the perfect time of year to refresh your bedroom.

Here are a few tips to help you create a new look and feel in your bedroom this fall:

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The Importance of Choosing Good Quality Baby Sheets

Adults are conscious of what type of sheets they use for their beds. Some enjoy simple bedding with an average thread count, others like to sleep in style with luxury sheets, some have to sleep on hypoallergenic sheets due to sensitive skin, and others don’t pay much attention to thread count as long as they’re comfortable. No matter what category you are in, have you thought about your baby’s quality of sleep? 

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Best Practices for Caring for Your Baby’s Bedding



It's time you start taking better care of your baby's sheets! School-aged children usually get around 9.5 hours of sleep per night, though experts recommend at least 10 hours. Babies, however, spend as much as 16 hours of every day sleeping, so you’ll want to be sure you have the right crib sheets for your little one.

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